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Charlize Theron’s Intense Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is one of the most recognizable, in-demand actresses working today. This is yet another unconventional role for Theron. While many actresses with her good looks would choose cookie-cutter romcoms, she never does. Theron typically portrays outsiders, like a selfish writer, an evil queen and even a serial killer.


In Atomic Blonde, Theron has tackled another meaty role. In Agent Lorraine Broughton lives on the edge and forces us to think. She is the ultimate outsider, a Cold War era spy who stays alive through deception and taking others’ lives. And as she travels to promote the flick, Theron is giving reporters a lot of insight into the high level of preparation she puts into her work.


This is clearly a very physical role. According to the actress, director David Leitch wanted her to keep it as real as possible. Theron trained for months, perfecting fighting stances and learning how to really throw men who are larger than she is. Although she didn’t quite make it out in one piece – suffering cracked teeth – the actress seems incredibly proud of her hard work.


Theron has also singled out her character’s same-sex love scene as an important step forward for cinema. She is keen to bring respectful attention to female sexuality, which has often been sensationalized for male consumption, or swept under the rug entirely. As lead producer in addition to star, Theron had a lot of creative control over this movie. She and Sofia Boutella brought a very authentic female perspective to their love scene.


Of course, it’s not all that serious. Based on a graphic novel, this film pays homage to its pulpy roots with exuberant fight scenes and far-fetched plot points. And Agent Broughton looks great, tearing through 1980s Europe in a Debbie Harry shag ‘do. The best films work on a number of levels, and this one does just that. In this film, Theron has brought us yet another compelling outsider whose journey captures the audience’s attention.