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Snowboard Queen Chloe Kim, 17, Takes Home Olympic Gold For USA

She’s known as the snowboarding prodigy from California, and Chloe Kim did not disappoint fans at the Ladies’ Halfpipe Final on day four of the Winter Games at Pyeongchang.

According to an item in the Huff Post, Kim received a near-perfect 98.25 score on Tuesday morning and is taking home some nice gold hardware. Her story is a heartwarming one because she is of Korean heritage and admits she struggled with defining herself when she was younger. She is the daughter of South Korean immigrants.

As a victor, Kim told the media that it felt great because she believed she was representing both the United States and Korea during her Olympic experience. She explained about pushing herself to be the best she could be and was thankful that her family had supported her and sacrificed a lot for her sport and ability to compete. Kim also says she had received encouragement from both corners of the globe.

What makes this story about Chloe Kim even sweeter is her amazing win for team USA and being the youngest ever gold medalist in the halfpipe event. She is beyond thrilled, and her father is blown away, saying that her achievement is all about the “American Dream.” Jong-Jin Kim, 52, joked that he’s also become famous and will require a bodyguard to get around.

Chloe Kim has been active on social media like Twitter; her personal page boasts more than 196,000 followers. She has a great sense of humor and warm Twitter presence, talking about her love for churros, ice cream, pizza, junk food and being hungry before her competition.

This marks Chloe Kim’s first Olympic Winter Games; she’s a four-time X Games gold medalist.

Arielle Gold took the bronze in the Ladies’ Halfpipe Final for Team USA.