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Christopher Nolan Crafts the Unique Dunkirk War Film

Christopher Nolan’s new film, Dunkirk, is about to debut its trailer soon. The film details the events surrounding the Miracle of Dunkirk/Operation Dynamo, an operation that saved hundreds of thousands of lives during World War II.


Interestingly, Nolan has stated the project is not a war movie. Where have we heard that type of statement before? Director Francis Ford Coppola made the same statement when he debuted Apocalypse Now in 1979. Coppola’s statement made references to the film being more of a dark adventure set amidst the backdrop of the Vietnam War. With Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan is using both World War II and a very gripping tale from its history to present what is akin to a human interest story.


Audiences love feel good stories. A war film is not exactly the most common cinematic endeavor to present an upbeat tale. The violence and horror of war generally overshadow other dramatic and thematic components of a film. Nolan is willing to take a chance and use the events in the film as a means of showing how the human spirit can be uplifted through helping others.


It takes a unique director with equally unique skills to be able to succeed in this type of approach. Nolan is definitely the one director in Hollywood who is able to deliver the desired outcome in a film. The director’s consistent success of the box office affords him the leeway to make unique and original projects. Other directors would probably have to fight the studio severely to bring their visions to the screen. Christopher Nolan gets the proverbial shadow of a doubt.