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Avaaz Spans The Globe Enlisting Help of Millions of People To Solve Problems

The world’s elephants are being hunted down by poachers and killed so that the ivory from their tusks can be sold to criminals on the black market. Experts say the elephant could be driven to extinction within 10 years.

That’s just one of the incredibly serious problems facing the world today, and it will take the serious and concerted effort by thousands of people to tackle these challenges and make things right again.

That’s what an organization known as Avaaz is all about. Avaaz is the world’s largest online social advocacy group. Established in 2007, it currently has more than 45.7 million members – people from all over the planet who are serious about solving critical problems and making the world a better place.

There’s no limit to the kind of issues Avaaz members address. Climate change, poverty, helping refugees flee worn-torn countries, political oppression, water pollution and degradation of agricultural land – all of these and much more are being taken on by the concerned participants in Avaaz.

Avaaz is a grassroots organization that uses an Internet platform to identify problems and organize people to take on those problems. It was formed through a coalition of groups, including Res Publica, and the Service Employees International union. Several key individuals also had founding roles, including Ricken Patel, former Virginia Congressman Tom Pravda and Australian entrepreneur David Madden to name a few.

A strength of Avaaz is its global presence and its ability to raise funds from millions of small donations from lots of people. Avaaz accepts no major corporate cash or huge donations from billionaires looking for positive PR and tax breaks.

Avaaz means “voice’ taken from a variety of languages, and that defines its purpose. It gives a “voice” to the average person, empowering anyone to do something real to solve problems and more inforamtion click here.