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How Sam Boraie Is Furthering New Brunswick With His Father Omar

In New Brunswick, there are few names that ring out so importantly and with so much potential than Boraie.

Unlike many other builders in the area and across the nation, Sam Boraie remains a responsible member of the community, and approachable and warm person. He also remains a family man and works his business with his closest members.

Sam, is following right in his footsteps by taking part in the day-to-day development work of Boraie Development. This group is responsible for many of the biggest upgrades in this town, to help meet the dream of Omar when he left so long ago: to rebuild the city to its former glory and to make it a friendly and pleasant place to live again.

The idea was to build high-quality complexes and offer them at fair rates to local businesses in order to expand the range of the city. His plan, and others that he and Sam have implemented, were called crazy.

However they have transformed New Brunswick into the successful and wonderful city that it is today. It’s safe to say that without Sam Boraie, the city would be vastly different and, likely, still in the clutches of economic slump.

Sam and Omar were a big part of building the 25-story One Spring Street Condominium building as a way of attracting upper-class residents to the area. By far the largest building in the city, it sold out in just two months and still attracts high-profile and high-profit people to the area.

Since then, Sam Boraie has worked on a number of crucial development projects that continue to improve the city, each of which has been celebrated and changed the landscape in a positive way.

The lesson to take from this story and others like it is that local development and change is possible with the dreams and courage of a single person or a family. With the steady leadership of Sam Boraie looking forward for New Brunswick, the sky may truly be the limit for this great city.