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Tammy Mazzocco – Ohio Real Estate Agent & Licensed Realtor Since 1995

Tammy Mazzocco commenced her profession in real estate while operating as secretary with The Edwards Realty Company, which is a commercial real estate company. At the company, she teamed with 9 commercial agents under Mike Zelnik leadership, which is another dynamic commercial Realtor. The idea for Tammy Mazzocco to become a real estate operator came in a special way. It was first initiated while she worked as a manager with a real estate broker who motivated her to get a permit in 1995. According to Mazzocco, Real estate incorporates her whole vocation being his passion! Mazzocco starts each day with medication and some agendas to meet. If possible, she gets the most imperative tasks done first before checking on emails and evening getting on the telephone. She believes the best way to bring ideas to life is via brainstorming, doing research and having a business plan to test the idea’s feasibility.

In her business, she likes the lead organizations who are exchanging live clients to communicate with. In the event that she contacts somebody, she is more probable to have the appointment with that person and that means high chances of making the sale. One habit that makes her to remain productive as a business person is having goals and breaking them into action steps. She believes there is the need to know what to do which day and what time. Mazzocco advices those interested in the entrepreneurial sector to live without the fear of failing or limiting yourself. As a business visionary, it is also good to treat the investment and time of your client as yours. First you don’t need to focus on benefits only but according to Mazzocco you should ensure that your clients reap the benefits too, more details can be found on Ideamensch.

During an interview, she reviewed that lead companies such as Realtor and Zillow assisted her to much to cultivate and develop her business although her key strategy is to offer professional and best services to her clients. Referrals and repeat business add up to 85% of her business. One of the challenges she encountered during the first days in business is being uncomfortable addressing people regarding their finances and at the time not conducting a great task regarding pre-qualifying leads, thus she wasted a bit of time. To overcome the same, she learnt some scripts on the way different agents utilized and practiced them until she become conversant with the same.

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James Dondero’s Career in Credit Markets

Founded in 1993, Highland Capital Management is undoubtedly one of the best and biggest investment advisers we have around the world. The firm currently manages over $20 billion in terms of assets. Its services appeal to a wide range of clients. They include governments, corporations, financial institutions, public pension plans, foundations, endowments and high-net individuals. The firm’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, but it has also set up offices in New York, Singapore and Seoul.

Products offered by the firm include mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, institutional separate accounts, REIFTs, CLOs and ETFs. Highland Investment Capital has been a pioneer in the areas of Collateralized Loan Obligation market and providing credit oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors worldwide.

As the president of Highland Capital Management, Jim Dondero on nexbank, who is also a co-founder of the company, is tasked with determining and executing the firm’s strategic investment. James has three decades of experience in Credit markets. Before joining Highland Capital Management, he has also worked with other companies. While working as a Chief Investment Officer, he was responsible for the growth of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary from concept to an over $2 billion company. He also managed over $ 1 billion worth of fixed income for American Express between 1985 and 1989. James’s career began when he started working as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984.

James is a Certified Managerial Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he got his BS in Commerce (Accounting and Finance). His experience lies in the areas of mortgage backed securities, emerging market debts, leverage bank loans, common stocks and preferred stocks, investment grade corporates, derivatives and high-yield bonds.

Besides Highland Investment Capital, James is also the president of NexPoint Capital and Nexpoint Multifamily Realty Trust. He is the chairman of NexBank SSB, CCS Medical, highland Financial Partners, Prospect Street Income Shares, Inc. and Cornerstone Healthcare Group holding, Inc. He is the director of MGM Holding Inc, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, American Banknote Corporation, TerreStar Corporation, NeighborCare, Inc., Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc., Safety-Kleen, Inc., and Wireless International Inc. He is both the director and chairman of NexBank SSB and Prospect Street Income Shares Inc.,

Other than Investment Banking, James is also an active philanthropist. He has been supporting initiatives that focus on public policy, veteran affairs and education.

An Accidental Win

The lottery ticket is the true proof of a man’s luck. The ticket can either be good to you are bad to you. You either win or you lose. What if a man who mistakenly bought a lottery ticket won. The irony behind this is so immense that a man becomes wealthier by buying something.

One day in Fairfield Connecticut, a man walks into a store. This man however has lost his glasses, making him very hard of seeing. This man buys a lottery ticket, however this is not the lottery ticket he would have chosen. The only reason he had made this mistake was because he could not see without his glasses.

This mistake has made him 30,000 dollars wealthier than from when he walked into the store. The man’s name was Bob Sabo. With his statement to the press, Brad Reifler suggested that he said that his normal lottery ticket store was full of people in line. When he noticed this, he did not want to wait. Instead he went over to the lottery vending machine. This is something that he has never done before.

Sabo wanted to buy a 20 dollar ticket, however since he did not have his glasses on, he instead bought a 30 dollar ticket. When he go home, he found that this error had won him 30,000 dollars. Bob Sabo is not an ecstatic and wealthy man who does not regret his error.

Bone Marrow Survivor’s Wedding Vow

This may sound strange but tragedy has such a way of bringing people together, here in this story it’s more than that. A bond that spanned for over 24 years and connected families together through the act of giving. Folks at Boraie Development know that it is amazing to see people help one another and go above and beyond a mere act. This donor show a huge amount of compassion by literally saving another person’s life, so that 2 decades later a dream can be realized. Reddit reports the selfless act by one human being to another that not only effected his life, literally.
This act also, affected the life of a daughter who was able to have her father at her wedding because of compassion. Situations like this really allow people to see what they are made of, and what other people are too. The reality is who we are comes forth in the rawest form when we have to act from an uncommon place.

Stephen Colbert to Fund Teacher Projects

Stephen Colbert is well known for his comedy roles in both movies and on TV. But these days, he is getting plenty of attention for his philanthropic endeavors. The comedian is originally from South Carolina, and he is sympathetic to the plight of public school teachers there who need more funds for their classrooms.

Teachers all over the state have been requesting funds through, and now Stephen Colbert has vowed to fund all of those requests himself. More than 1,000 classroom projects will be funded by the comedian, and the funding will total more than $800,000. With the funds, a wide variety of school and classroom need will be supplies to public schools. Some of the funds will go to buying PE and recess equipment, some will pay for books and some will go toward specialized equipment for special needs students. Mark Ahn has learned that, with these funds, students will have more resources for both academic success and physical exercise. More on Mark Ahn can be found on his Twitter page.

Man Leaves His Friends Money To Go On A Trip Following His Death

Similar to the Hollywood block buster “P.S. I Love You”, a British man from Swansea who just recently died of cancer was working hard behind the scenes to do one more big favor for his friends. Follow his death, his close group of friends were given money and orders from their late friend to all go on a vacation together somewhere. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the bunch of guys decided to go to Berlin, Germany together.

Bruce Karatz says that it is always nice to hear about stories like this, because it makes you think about your time on Earth and how you want to value it. In addition to that, it makes you think about more than yourself and what you can do to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of after your passing. In this case, it is obvious that the man who had cancer is really wanting to make sure that his friends are ok by sending them on this trip. What a delightful surprise and that is a gift that no one can ever take away, a vacation with good friends and making memories in honor of their late pal.

It is without doubt that the friends will have had a couple of beers in his honor, because it is the right thing to do an that is probably the best way that they can thank him.