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Perry Mandera Charitable Gesture

It is essential for a company to focus on corporate social responsibility to increase its competitive advantage in the targeted market. Perry Mandera the founder of Custom Company Inc. has been able to acquire a competitive advantage in the transport industry through corporate responsibilities and donation to the community. He was able to gain experience to operate a transport company while working at Marine Corps Reserves. Perry Mandera later held an elected position before starting the Customs Company Inc. which offers quality transport services to the community. The company has focused on ensuring that there is assistance to the needy by providing food, transport services, and other donations.


Perry Mandera helps the needy

Perry Mandera later created Customs Care Charities Inc. which is solely focused on helping the needy. His passion in dealing with issues facing the community led to the establishment of the Customs Cares Charities Inc which acquires donation and later distributes the money to the needy in the community. The charitable giving by Perry Mandera has made his companies widely accepted in the market, check it here The help is provided to Chicago and other areas across the USA for a proper flow of social development by assisting the needy.

The company assisted individuals that were affected by the tornado, Hurricane Katrina, and wildfire. Custom Companies provided food and free transport to the affected individuals by the natural disasters, read more here. The company provides regular donations to the people to ensure that there is a continuous social development by assisting the needy people in the community. Perry Mandera has come up with a youth empowerment program that is focused on improving the sporting ability of people through professional coaching. The coaching is done for baseball, basketball, boxing, and football to increase the youth involvement in sports. The Custom Cares Charities donates money to the needy families in increasing the social performance in the region.