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Corey Feldman Planning Encore Today Show Performance

Corey Feldman, famous for being a child actor in the 80s and 90s, recently performed a song on the Today Show. The band, Corey’s Angels, consists of four scantily clad women in all white lingerie. He told the Today Show hosts that the Angels were by design. Feldman himself was dressed in all black, complete with a wizard-type hood and long sleeves. He said the entire getup jived with the good versus evil, light versus dark theme of his new album.

The Today Show hosts gave way to one of the strangest performances ever recorded on television. Feldman started the performance with what can only be described as a herky-jerky dance that showed off his lack of mobility. The song, entitled “Go 4 it”, featured barely audible words, dispassionate backup vocals and a strange appearance by a rapper. The Internet quickly lit up after the performance and it sent Corey Feldman into a depression.

Feldman responded with a video on Facebook that was quickly taken down. He cried, saying that he was unable to leave his house because of the trauma he experienced from the reaction to his performance.

But the odd episode might have gained Feldman fans. In a statement, Feldman said that the outcry of support was amazing and that his band managed to gain more fans. After the initial shock to the reaction, Feldman seems emboldened. He plans to return to the Today Show in the near future for an encore performance with his band Corey’s Angels.