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A Prison Riot In Nebraska Should Be No Surprise To the Bureau Of Prisons

The Riot At Tecumseh State Correctional Institution Is About Overcrowding Not Violence

The Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons can’t blame the prisoners at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Nebraska for rioting. The riot shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone in the justice and prison system. Tecumseh is just one prison that has had enough of the inhumane treatment that goes on behind prisons walls. Some officials say if you are in prison you deserve inhumane treatment, but that’s condoning torture and calling it a different name.

Our prison system is overflowing with people that done need to be in prison. Some of them should be in treatment, others should be released for time served because the crimes they committed were not violent offenses. Even the violent offenders should be handled differently. Violent criminals have deep-rooted psychological issues that could be treated with extended therapy commented Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Criminals break social laws for a reason. The prison system is not designed to treat the reason. Our method of treating prisoners is an antiquated form of justice that costs an excessive amount of money and does little to rehabilitate criminals.