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Is your bad online reputation affecting your bottom line?


As a business manager of any company you have to make sure that you have a good online reputation with your customers and clients to avoid losing out money, but instead, make profits.
Any business needs an online reputation management that will be responsible for building and maintaining the brand of a business entity and make sure it stands out.
Any bad reputation online will make a business lose a lot of money and also damage the image of the business making clients and customers shy away from your entity. A bad online reputation as affected many companies millions of money, for example, the United Airlines lost $1180 million that made it test the waters of bankruptcy.
A successful business must have an online reputation strategy that will be dealing with maintaining clients and customers, making sure they are satisfied with the services and products provided. At most times, unhappy customers can cost your business a lot of money but with the presence of the right reputation management tools, this can be avoided. With a good online reputation, clients will be satisfied and convinced hence coming back to promote your business.
On the other hand, the Search Fixers highly skilled team of reputation management consultants are specialized in online reputation repair services.
Having a good online reputation management team will help your business as the community will be able to realize that you care about them. This also can create a big difference in the community as well as in the world.
Research shows that 72 percent of individuals think that it is important to work for bosses in placing their priorities of the company and responsibilities, then 67 percent of works believe that all employees should be involved in voluntarism.
Bad online reputation can be resolved by learning where the reputation problem began and turned around the situation. The best way to fix bad reviews is by the use of online reputation management software such as that will help you know where the problem is and be able to change it.
Having online reputation management software helps the company respond directly to negative outputs hence not allowing critics have their way.
This also helps you to address negative comments on any bad reputation that you find online and then sort out the best way to solve the issues.
This platform enables you to gauge the reaction of your unhappy customers and clients and as a manager, you make sure the problems affecting them are solved before they leave. For example, when a waiter hears people complaining about uncooked food, he should inform the manager, has the manager got the power to make things right.
Online reputation management helps you to improve in ways that can make your employees happy. Depending on how people react to the kind of services offered by your business, they can put you in a position to improve on them. Being a manager you have to learn how your employees relate and even provide them with incentives so as to get a real output and create a good reputation online.

Andy Wirth Is Still Keeping Things Positive

Andy Wirth is the president and the CEO of squaw Valley ski resorts in California. Andy Wirth is definitely a man who is very dedicated to his profession, and he has been working in the ski resort industry for a very large portion of his life. Andy Wirth is a very dedicated man that shows true responsibility towards the communities in which he serves. He is involved in many philanthropic activities to help youths and other individuals in need to be able to find stable housing, and apart from that he works tirelessly to conserve the ecosystem and takes all measures necessary to lower the economical footprint that his company leaves on society. A few months ago Andy Wirth did an interview with Madeline Brand from press play. She asked many questions about the ski industry, and also about the future of Squaw Valley.

Reports show that the drought is the most pressing issue on the minds of the majority of individuals living in California, and they have lost the use of 27% of the water in California. Many ski resorts in California decided to end their season early, and Madeline Brand ask Andy Wirth about his opinion of what was going on.

Mr. Wirth admits that this year has been a difficult year, and because of that squaw Valley was down 20%. The reason was because of the ridiculously resilient ridge. This is a rage that prevented low-pressure systems from coming onto the mountain. Even though there was a dip in gains at squaw Valley, Mr. Wirth is sure that his ski resort has the ability to withstand the volatility of the weather systems.

Mr Wirth asserts that they will continue to put themselves in the position to be ready for an increase in snow and cold. Squaw Valley has 6000 acres of land for skiing. Since that is the case, last year they chose to close 2000 of those acres, but that still left a whopping 4000 available. Squaw Valley is working along with meteorologist in Colorado to see how the weather may or may not change in their favor. These meteorologist and investigators are predicting that because of the absence of the resilient ridge, is very possible that there will be a fruitful and cold winter this year. Even if that is not the case squaw Valley continues to make adjustments in their technology as far as snow making equipment goes, and they are doing things to promote more summer events such as hosting weddings, and meetings.

Squaw Valley is making sure that they are doing a good job in the management of their resources, and they also take managing naturalists resources as a very serious task. They have been very active in reducing their carbon footprint by doing things such as removing the use of burning coal, adjusting their business model, and reducing their contribution to climate change. Andy Wirth is sure that next year will be a profitable year for Squaw Valley, and he is very positive about the opening season.

Financing And Creative Financing; Deal The Cards!

Remember when, after years of debate with yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a home, you made the ultimate decision to take a giant leap into the deep end of the home ownership pool? Yep, it was, and for many folks still is, one of the best financial moves you can make. You pay your loan payments and pretty soon after a few years of mortgage payments, you have a sizeable amount of equity. Equity amounting to the difference between what you still owe on your home and the current market value. Actually, since the real estate market is still enjoying a “hot streak” in many places in this country, in terms of low interest rates, your home may now have a high market value.

What is being pointed out here is that you and your home now have a “financial parachute” which is sort of a protective security blanket for those “just-in-case” happenings. Lenders like to call it home equity. Those same lenders are also quick to suggest you use some of that “hidden” money to, oh say, buy a cabin in the mountains, college education for your kids, a better car or just pay off those annoying credit card debts. That said, if you make the decision to borrow funds from your equity, you’ll have two choices: home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a home equity loan (HEL).

All this sounds so simple, right? Well, it can be if you’ve honored all your financial obligations to your current mortgage lender. But keep in mind that a home equity loan or line of credit isn’t free money. You’ll be assuming a new debt other than your first mortgage payment (it’s called a second mortgage) and you’ll be responsible for paying the home equity money back in the form of monthly payments. And if you default on either loan, you could be risking foreclosure. So be diligent and careful and know that you have the ability to make both payments and that you have made a wise decision.

If you don’t own a home or other property, think “creative financing.” This move is all about being able to get into property using other people’s money, not yours. In other words, since you have no money of your own, you find the “good real estate deals” and let all the other people bring money to the financing table.

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Woman Being Held Hostage Uses Pizza Hut App To Call Police

A woman in Florida got some assistance in an unusual way after her boyfriend decided to turn a knife on her and held her, and her two children hostage. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the woman who has yet to be named, loaded up her Pizza Hut app and ordered a pizza and put a message on the bottom “call 911 hostage help”. When the pizza hut manager showed the ticket to her boss Susan McGalla who immediately called police officers who were sent to the location and address of the pizza order slip.

Once they got there they took the woman and her children to safety and dealt with her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson. That is incredibly that this lady found a way to use her smart phone, or smart device, to see help. I can understand how scary it must have been for her to realize that she was in a hostage situation and it was a very creative solution for her to use that application to get help. I am really happy that this story worked out for the better, as in many cases it can always go the other way very quickly.

Thankfully everyone involved was ok and there was no further violence. The children were alright as well, and this may give people ideas on how to help themselves if they find that they are in a similar situation.