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Stallone Is Writing Creed 2

Anyone who thought Sylvester Stallone would completely leave the Rocky franchise behind was sorely mistaken. The actor is hard at work writing the script for Creed 2. The original Creed was a critically-acclaimed spinoff of the original Rocky franchise. The character of Rocky Balboa played a prominent role in the film, but Rocky’s tenure in the upcoming tenure in the films was never intended to be a long one. Creed, the title character, takes center stage.

While Rocky Balboa may be bowing out, Stallone definitely is not. People forget that Stallone not only played Rocky, he created the character. Stallone wrote the original script for Rocky in the early 1970’s and turned down six-figure payoffs to sell the script and walk away. Stallone held out to be cast in the lead. He got his way and cinema history was made. And James Caan, the studio’s choice for Rocky, went onto other things. Stallone would go on and write the first six films in the Rocky series.

Stallone noted he was moving away from acting due to the physical toll. Plans for a new Rambo movie were scrapped when Stallone, essentially, said he could not perform the character effectively at his age. His role in The Expendables franchise seemed to be a perfect one, but Stallone has bailed out on the new entry in the series. Creative differences were at the root of his departure.

Stallone may be looking at writing and producing films for the next several years. A sequel to Creed surely will be a box office hit. Look for a number of Creed movies to appear in theaters over the next several years. Stallone’s name probably will be attached to them.