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Who is Norka Luque?

Norka Luque is a Latin music artist. She makes music that is inspired by many different sounds of the world and actually uses her worldly influence to make music that continues to entertain people as she makes more. Unlike many other Latin-inspired singers, she does not focus on only one area of music and, instead, uses many different locations to ensure that she gets a sound that is uniquely hers in the way that it is transmitted over the airwaves because she wants to get her message across to everyone no matter what their tastes are in music or where they come from.

Like many singers, she was inspired to sing by her parents. They have always stood by her side and have helped her with the decision-making processes. They have also helped her with the ability to see different sides of things. They are always there when a big event happens in Norka’s life and when she signs big deals. They are her biggest fans and her strongest support team. They have been there from the beginning and will continue to stand by her side no matter where her career takes her in the world.

Norka not only knows how to sing but she also holds a business degree from France. She has worked in the business field and knows how to handle the money that she has earned from her singing career. She also had a brief stint in the fashion industry and uses that to ensure that she always looks great when she is up on stage. All of her experiences have combined to help her become the excellent singer and entertainment choice that she is today. It is something that it not common in singers but Norka picks out all of her own stage outfits.

When it comes to collaborations, Norka has worked with big names like Emilio Estefan Jr. and others in the music industry. While these collaborations have helped her with her name and becoming more popular in Latin culture, they have not been the sole reason that her career is boosted. She knew that she needed to be a great singer and put on a great show and she did that from her first performance on. There is no singer who could have bolstered her success more than she was able to do on her own because of the immense amount of talent she has.

Cuba Criticized by Human Rights Foundation Over Treatment of Artists

The Cuban government is facing stern criticism for its treatment of artists that dissent against the government. Gorki Aguila is the latest victim in the Cuban government’s crackdown on artists that speak out against the dictatorial regime. Aguila, a native Cuban is a strong human rights advocate and the leading vocalist in the Cuban rock band Porno para Ricardo. The band is well known for its anti-government stance.

Lead singer of Porno para Ricardo, Gorki Aguila has been arrested two times this year for his opposition against the government. Although he had been detained in prison for only a few hours and released this August, he continues to receive threats from the Cuban government for opposing the dictatorial regime of Cuba.

The continued threats against the singer has sparked outrage from the Human Rights Foundation. The human rights group claims that Cuba is trying to stifle the freedom of expression of Cuban musicians and artists. Music and art is a way of expressing your beliefs, your feelings and your world views. By stifling musicians and limiting what they can and cannot say, they are in essence stifling freedom itself. Cuba has a long history of restricting its musicians and artists expression. In fact the country has a law in its constitution that states “artistic endeavors are free as long as they do not go against the nature and beliefs of the communist revolution”

The Twitter page belonging to Human Rights Foundation is playing an important role in bringing attention to the dire situation of artists like Gorki Aguila. The non-profit group has a mission of promoting human rights and freedom around the world, says its LinkedIn page. It aims to educate people around the world about the value of liberty and that freedom of speech, worship and self determination are rights that every person in the world is entitled to have.

After reading this article on Fox News Latino on the Cuban government’s crackdown on musicians that have opposing views, it is quite clear to me that Cuba is still a dictatorship that is afraid of criticism from its own people. Musical groups like Porno papa Ricardo are trying to pave the way for democracy and freedom of expression in Cuba, but they are doing so at the risk of being put in jail or worse. Such brave people deserve our respect and support for willing to stand up to dictators and refusing to have their voice shut out.

Financing And Creative Financing; Deal The Cards!

Remember when, after years of debate with yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a home, you made the ultimate decision to take a giant leap into the deep end of the home ownership pool? Yep, it was, and for many folks still is, one of the best financial moves you can make. You pay your loan payments and pretty soon after a few years of mortgage payments, you have a sizeable amount of equity. Equity amounting to the difference between what you still owe on your home and the current market value. Actually, since the real estate market is still enjoying a “hot streak” in many places in this country, in terms of low interest rates, your home may now have a high market value.

What is being pointed out here is that you and your home now have a “financial parachute” which is sort of a protective security blanket for those “just-in-case” happenings. Lenders like to call it home equity. Those same lenders are also quick to suggest you use some of that “hidden” money to, oh say, buy a cabin in the mountains, college education for your kids, a better car or just pay off those annoying credit card debts. That said, if you make the decision to borrow funds from your equity, you’ll have two choices: home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a home equity loan (HEL).

All this sounds so simple, right? Well, it can be if you’ve honored all your financial obligations to your current mortgage lender. But keep in mind that a home equity loan or line of credit isn’t free money. You’ll be assuming a new debt other than your first mortgage payment (it’s called a second mortgage) and you’ll be responsible for paying the home equity money back in the form of monthly payments. And if you default on either loan, you could be risking foreclosure. So be diligent and careful and know that you have the ability to make both payments and that you have made a wise decision.

If you don’t own a home or other property, think “creative financing.” This move is all about being able to get into property using other people’s money, not yours. In other words, since you have no money of your own, you find the “good real estate deals” and let all the other people bring money to the financing table.

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The Solution for Financial Planning is an Investment Portfolio with Diversity of Options

Financial planning requires implementing a budget for a household or business and the commitment to follow that budget as a roadmap to save for the future. People and entities prefer to save monies in saving accounts and/or investing in the global markets. Investment options include stocks, commodities, bonds, real estate, and currencies. Investors over the world are building strategic investment portfolios by including a diversity of options. Guru investors are aware of the importance of diverse investment options to help minimize risks involved in the trading market. Interested investors must first become knowledgeable of the different options and learn different investment strategies.

Individuals invest for various reasons, including retirement, to purchase a home or automobile, vacation, college education, and other reasons. Entities invest for expansion, financial growth, and to create jobs within a community. International investing is attracting investors in countries like the United States, Brazil, and China. It is very important to seek council and advice of a professional and knowledgeable investor with years of experience in banking and investments. Foreign investments involve rules and regulations in different countries and without that knowledge, can subject an investor to higher risks.

Investors normally select two or more investment options rather than one because the exchange rate fluctuates in foreign stocks. A financial advisor may advise an investor, for an example, to invest in stocks, real estate, and mutual funds to build a diverse investment portfolio. By investing in multiple options, the investor is minimizing risks of losing the capital originally invested. The purpose of investing is to experience an increase in capital investments and see it grow over time. Some countries have trading laws to protect investors from loses of an entire investment.

Igor Cornelsen is an expert investment consultant, investor, and Proprietario for Bainbridge Inv. Inc. in the Bahamas. The role of Cornelsen at Bainbridge is to work with the group to invest in the markets of commodity and FOREX. As a retired Brazilian banker, he knows all about investments and the markets in his homeland and offers considerable advice and insight to potential investors. He believes that the best way to enter the market in Brazil is to network and build a relationship with Brazilian entrepreneurs. Non-residence Brazilian investors should learn about Brazil and other countries investment trading regulations and conduct investing transactions by finding a bank to handle currency.