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‘Sex And The City’s’ Cynthia Nixon Announces Run For NY Gov

The rumors were circulating for weeks, and now, the famous TV actress has tossed her glamorous hat into the ring.

Cynthia Nixon will challenge Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo in NY’s September primary and made it official Monday via social media on Twitter. The former star of HBO’s iconic “Sex and the City” television series has never held public office, but she says she loves NY state and is a “progressive advocate” who wants to fight for a “better, more fair New York.”

The is reporting that Nixon, 51, will definitely include education in her platform. She attended public schools in NY and believes that the state can do a lot better for today’s children. Currently, she points to the high school drop-out rate increasing to more than 30 percent in NYC, there not being not enough funds spent per pupil and overall classroom performance being very poor.

The mom of three also mentions that the state needs vast improvements in health care, the ailing subway system and prison overcrowding.

Cynthia Nixon has been married to her longtime partner Christine Marinoni since 2012. She is best known around the globe for her role as attorney Miranda Hobbes on “Sex and the City.” She has won three out of four with an Emmy, Tony and a Grammy. She doesn’t have an Oscar yet.

Actress Rosie O’Donnell is thrilled that Cynthia Nixon is running for Governor of New York.

Andrew Cuomo has said he’s not concerned about potential challengers.

This Ain’t ‘Sex and the City’ As Actress Cynthia Nixon Eyes Real Run For NY Gov.

Miranda Hobbes for Governor of New York?

Well, sort of and maybe because the woman who played the iconic role on TV’s “Sex and the City” series is considering making it real.

That’s right; the buzz on Tuesday has been wild and crazy as fans wonder aloud if Cynthia Nixon will challenge incumbent Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary in September. By the way, New York is one of 36 states in 2018 holding an election for governor.

Media reports like Yahoo say the “Sex and the City” star is exploring a bid for the top seat; Nixon has had no comment. Plenty of people she meets have urged her to toss her hat into the ring. Nixon is said to be collaborating with political experts on putting a staff together for a possible gubernatorial campaign. Rumor has it that two key members behind Bill de Blasio’s victory for NYC Mayor will sign on to play big roles in Nixon’s run for governor if she jumps in.

Cynthia Nixon has been outspoken in the past about her disappointment in the Cuomo administration. She has cited education as one of the top reasons if she decides to challenge Cuomo in the primary.

Most fans know her from her role on the former iconic HBO television series, but Nixon is also an Emmy, Tony and Grammy winner.

Cynthia Nixon is a breast cancer survivor. She married her longtime partner Christine Marinoni in 2012, and they have three children.