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Stream Energy Hires Leticia Castellanos for Energy Services VP

The big energy company, Stream, decided to put a new Energy Services General Manager on its staff. This time, they picked a woman who had a heap of experience in product development and general innovation. Stream felt that Leticia Castellanos was the perfect person for the job because of her high level of expertise with generating company growth. Larry Mondry gave a kind welcome speech like he does when anyone new comes to the team ( He pointed out the qualities that he felt Mrs. Castellanos had that made her an excellent fit for Stream leadership. One of the qualities that he mentioned was her “strategic business eye” as well as her ability to lead teams that had multiple purposes. He feels that she will accomplish a lot while she’s on the team, and he is delighted to have her on it. He said that he thinks of her as an invaluable asset that will become more valuable as the years with her on the team go by (PUC.TEXAS).


Mrs. Castellanos will be taking care of all aspects of the energy services. She will be responsible for bringing innovation to the table in that area. She will be organizing teams and strategies that will help to sell Stream’s energy services to the community. She brings with her a long record of success, dedication, and commitment. Mrs. Castellanos said that she hopes to help to grow business at Stream. She has been a long-term fan of the company and wants to be a strong asset.



Stream Energy Snapshot

Stream Energy continues to add more services to the arsenal of services that it currently provides to the masses. It started as just an energy company, but it quickly advanced to more than that. It quickly advanced to a company that offered many of the things that people need in their homes. Stream Energy provides cell phone services as well as home products and security items.


Stream Energy is a Dallas-based business, but it has branches in other states like Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and so on. It continues to grow every day.