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Damon Wayans Posts Injury Video on Twitter

Damon Wayans made the news recently regarding his run on the Lethal Weapon television show. Unfortunately, the news surrounding him involves a dubious controversy. Wayans displayed a video that clearly displayed the unfortunate and bloody injury he suffered on the set of the television show. Wayans suffered the injury due to shrapnel hitting him on the set.

Former co-star Clayne Crawford directed the episode. Blame has been levied on Crawford’s shoulders for incidents such as these. In fact, issues about workplace safety led to the highly-publicized firing of Crawford. Wayans and Crawford ended up with a strained relationship after the shrapnel incident. Needless to say, the network wasn’t too pleased to discover problems exist between the two starts.

Wayans posted the video to address fan anger over Crawford’s firing. Blame seems to be levied at Wayans, but it would be difficult to blame Wayans for being injured on the set. Wayans tried to tell his side of the story on Twitter, but now seems to feel regrets about placing the video on Twitter. Wayans deleted his Twitter account as a means of moving away from the controversy.

Sometimes, it can seem like a good idea to address matters on social media. Public figures sometimes learn that mentioning something on social media can also generate unwanted controversy.

Reportedly, Crawford’s firing was unavoidable. The third season of Lethal Weapon either wouldn’t or couldn’t happen if Crawford returned. Seann William Scott of American Pie fame takes Crawford’s place in the upcoming third season.