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Lionel Richie and James Corden Remake “Dancing on the Ceiling” Video

Lionel Richie stopped by the Late Late Show on May 22, and later that week a remake of his hit video “Dancing on the Ceiling” from the 1980s played, starring Richie and show host James Corden.


In typical Corden style, the video included hilarious touches such as retro hairstyles and goofing around. Both Richie and Corden are shown in the video dancing upside down with their feet on the ceiling while singing the upbeat tune, which is what happened in the original video. As is the case with the original, there is a great deal of fun in the upbeat video.


What didn’t happen in the original but did happen in the Late Late Show rendition is that Corden got stuck on the ceiling while still upside down. That provides a perfect moment for Richie to have some fun teasing Corden by spraying him with mustard and ketchup. Richie then Corden attempts to bring Corden down from up high by throwing objects like a computer keyboard and a soccer ball at him. Meanwhile Corden pleads for someone to help him get down from the ceiling.


Interspersed with the “Ceiling” song are clips sung by Richie of some of his other hit songs, like “Stuck on You” and “All Night Long.”


The song “Dancing on the Ceiling” was released in 1986 during a time when Richie was mega popular and made hit after hit song.


Speaking of videos, Richie starred in a prominent video in recent years: The one for Adele’s hit “Hello.”