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Dancing with the Stars: From Vanilla Ice to Ryan Lochte; The Cast of a Lifetime

Dancing with the Stars is no stranger to having pretty diverse cast members. This show is undoubtedly reality gold and gives viewers a profound glimpse into the lives of people who have barely been relevant for decades, but this upcoming season is full of both vintage and modern celebrities hoping to regain their moments in the spotlight. Whereas some of these stars do not need an introduction, some of them undoubtedly need to be mindful of their actions because this show is their small chance of some redemption in gaining the respect back from the public eye.

Maureen McCormick of The Brady Bunch is one of the more surprising cast members of this season, but if she still has her Marcia Brady moves, she should be golden. Vanilla Ice, a former one-hit wonder, is set to be on this season as well, which has fans eager to see if “Ice Ice Baby” will be one of his songs. James Hinchcliffe, Jana Kramer, Marilu Henner, Rick Perry, Calvin Johnson, Babyface, Laurie Hernandez, Jake T. Austin, and Terra Jolé are a few more stars who have been brushing up on their moves in preparation for the new season. Sure, fans of the show are eager to see them all perform, but who fans really want to see is Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte.

After his meets at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Lochte and other teammates put themselves in harms way, but not in the way that their original story had entailed. After fabricating a robbery story, it was later discovered that the four American swimmers had created the story to avoid getting in trouble for what they really did. Regardless, DWTS is his chance for redemption.

An Introduction To Sergio Cortes MJ Impersonator

Seeing your favorite musicians and singers is a highly anticipated event for many fans. For fans of Michael Jackson, seeing him perform live is no longer a possibility. While this may be an unfortunate circumstance for some people, there is an individual who best resembles him. This individual is Sergio Cortes and he has been a top performer as well as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. Throughout his entire life he has devoted himself to mastering Jackson’s singing and dance techniques. As a result he has been able to give fans a very worthwhile experience in terms of seeing a live Michael Jackson performance.

Sergio Cortes is of Spanish origin and was introduced to Michael Jackson by his mother who was a big fan of Jackson. As a result, Cortes was able to listen to Michael Jackson’s music on a regular basis as well as watch his live performances. Since he was such a big fan of Michael Jackson, he began learning the various dance techniques and singing tendencies of Jackson himself. Since his appearance was quite reminiscent of Michael Jackson, Cortes was also able to make himself look just like him and therefore get lots of attention.

Over time, Sergio Cortes gained a lot of recognition from the Spanish media and posed in photos as a Michael Jackson double in Barcelona. With his attention and recognition, Cortes began to consider doing live shows to audiences in Spain and give them an experience similar to a concert of Michael Jackson himself. Therefore, Cortes decided to get a band, backup singers and dancers together to tour and perform live shows in front of audiences in Spain and throughout the rest of the world. This gave Cotes even more recognition and an opportunity to showcase his talents to fans everywhere.

By performing in front of live audiences worldwide, Sergio Cortes has emerged as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. Due to his looks, precise dance techniques and unique singing voice, Cortes is able to have fans experience a Michael Jackson concert without the actual performer being present. To learn more about Cortes you can watch videos on websites as well as read about him in social media. These sources will help you learn more about him and how authentic an experience he provides to fans. Those who are looking to see an excellent Michael Jackson impersonator will benefit by seeing a live show by Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortés Wows Many With Dead On MJ Impression

Many individuals dream of being a performer. But for most this dream is something that is never attained. When we see the incredible talent of an individual who has ascended the show business ladder, we stand in awe of their amazing talents and abilities, and we quickly realized that we ourselves will never attain the amount of talent that individual holds.
However there are some who decide to shoot for their dreams and in the process, become well known performers, executing their craft for thousands of fans. Sergio Cortés is just such a person, and after pursuing his lifelong dream, is now considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators alive today.

Cortés’s story is a inspiring one. It began when he was just five years old, witnessing his childhood idol, Michael Jackson, performing on TV with his brothers, the legendary pop group, The Jackson Five. Cortez was quickly captivated by the amazing moves and singing ability of Michael Jackson, the five year old main singer of the group, to the point where he began to imitate his various onstage moves and mannerisms.

His big break came one day when he was spotted outdoors by a local news photographer. The photojournalist was amazed at how much Cortés looked like his hero Jackson. The photographer approached Cortés and asked him if he could take a picture of him to be published in a local newspaper. Cortés agreed to be photographed, and the next day his published picture set off a media firestorm. People who saw the photographs were amazed at his uncanny resemblance to Jackson. He was approached by a talent agency, who wanted him for an impressions show. Cortés agreed and the rest is history. Cortés now does shows all over the world, giving homage to his childhood hero Michael Jackson.

Even now, years after the pop singer’s untimely death, when Sergio Cortés walks down a street, he immediately elicits stares and curiosity. He has developed a large fan base, and has appeared on many television shows, as well as countless performances on the stage. His Facebook page features still pictures of himself as well as concert footage. These concerts are attended by his thousands of fans, and he regularly receives messages from fans and well-wishers on how his dead on impression of Jackson touches them.
Cortés has taken the dreams of emulating his childhood hero and turned it into a successful career as an entertainer himself. Destiny Project, a well-known artist management company is responsible for handling Cortés and his numerous appearances.

There Is No Better Michael Jackson Impersonator Alive Than Sergio Cortes

Back in the days when music was a lot more enjoyable, Michael Jackson ran mainstream music. Even back when Michael was a child and playing with The Jackson 5, he still played music that many people wanted to hear. Michael Jackson always will be one of the best performers that ever lived, even though he’s no longer living. If Michael Jackson wasn’t so great, then many people wouldn’t want to be him, imitate him, and even praise him. Michael Jackson was one of the few entertainers that could make women faint when he touched them, or even if the woman just gazed upon him.

Michael was a living legend, and it’s unfortunate that he passed so suddenly. Michael is fondly remembered by the music he left behind as well as by the imitators that continue to remind everyone who the King of Pop was. Imagine that Michael used to have to work so hard as a child to make music when most people were riding their bikes, playing games, and running around with their friends. Michael didn’t have a normal childhood like everyone else, but it helped him to grow up to be the best musical artist that ever lived.

Someone as great as Michael Jackson is talked about all the time, and it’s because very few people on this earth are even half as talented as Michael Jackson was, much more to reach the heights of fame that Michael reached. It’s no surprise that Michael Jackson imitators will be seen all over the world, no matter what country a person may go to. Michael Jackson is someone who was imitated in life, and he’s imitated a lot more now that he’s dead. The really good Michael Jackson imitators are the ones that draw people in, sell out shows, and really make people believe that Michael is still alive. Although some Michael Jackson imitators do okay, Sergio Cortes is a superior imitator that does great.

Sergio has been performing as a Michael Jackson imitator for years, and he looks exactly like Michael Jackson, so much so that it’s difficult to tell the two apart. If one was to look at a side-by-side picture of Sergio and Michael, it would be nearly impossible to tell who the real Michael Jackson is. A good Michael Jackson imitator not only looks like the star, but he’ll also dance like Michael as well. Sergio definitely has gotten down his dance moves because he can do all the moves that Michael used to do, including the Moonwalk.