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D’Angelo Resurfaces to The World of Music

D’Angelo is coming back into the spotlight with the reissue of his classic Neo-Soul album called “Brown Sugar.” he has plans to turn this into a double CD that contains remixes and acapella versions of certain songs. This is a treat for fans that have always been a fan of D’Angelo music. It is definitely notable because D’Angelo has been out of the spotlight for so long.

A couple of years ago he did take to the stage with a very well-received album called “Black Messiah.” This would be the album that dropped more than a decade after D’Angelo had left the spotlight. He would catapult to fame in the 90s as a sex symbol that many people compared to a young Marvin Gaye and Prince. He was a prolific songwriter that would captivate an audience with a Neo-Soul sound that was a driving force behind many other groups that would follow. Artists like Musiq Soulchild, Floetry and India Arie would all bring forth a sound that was in the same flow of the type of work that
D’Angelo was doing.

Over the years he has been one to shy away from the spotlight in many aspects, but he has continued to work on new music, and fans are looking forward to seeing more of what he may be releasing in the upcoming years. He was a big fan of Prince so the death of Prince really put him in an awkward space. He was put in a place where he would have to analyze his own life and look for a sense of balance between the music that he wanted to create and the life of seclusion that stopped him from being creative. D’Angelo appears to be coming back stronger than ever with a whole new take on life.