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After Closing DASH Stores, Kim Kardashian-West Plans to Launch a New Retail Chain

It seems as though Kim Kardashian-West isn’t wasting any time getting back into retail.

After it was revealed earlier this week that the Kardashian clan’s clothing and fashion chain, DASH, had closed its last location, few believed Kim—or any other Kardashian—would be eager to reenter the business sphere.

While these beliefs may have been correct in regard to other Kardashians, Kim isn’t delaying in launching a new franchise. On the contrary, it appears as though she believed the chief problem with DASH was her limited involvement and oversight, insiders have stated.

These same insiders have indicated that Kim has been involved with each aspect of this currently unnamed company’s development over the last three months. Product designs, names, and even materials are being settled upon by Kim, as are distribution plans, marketing specifics, and pricing.

According to these same sources, Kardashian-West has put so much time into the brand as of late because she plans to unveil it to the public in the near future, and hopes to officially launch by this year’s holiday season.

The only other information disclosed by those with knowledge of this new brand is that it will be generally more accessible than DASH, which largely featured products priced in the hundreds and thousands, and had a rather inhibited digital-sales model. Kardashian-West is aiming to offer more modestly priced goods to as many customers as possible through this new brand.

Between the closing of DASH, the development of this new business, and the delivery of Khloe Kardashian’s firstborn child, True, it’s been a busy few weeks for the Kardashians. And admittedly, there doesn’t seem to be a great chance of things slowing down anytime soon, given the family’s ample media and business obligations.