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David Leitch Accepts the Hobbs & Shaw Challenge

David Leitch says he’s up for a challenge. The director’s big challenge comes in the form of crafting a spinoff from the Fast & Furious franchise. The difficulties won’t come from finding a concept or attracting stars. Leitch’s project, titled Hobbs & Shaw, teams up Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. The film won’t exactly do poorly at the box office considering Johnson’s incredible success in almost every film he appears. Teaming him with Statham further cements the connection to the Fast & Furious franchise. So, where does the challenge come in?

Hobbs & Shaw must deliver the age-old “same thing only different” concept in order for a spinoff to be truly successful. Fans do expect to see action and car chases similar to the ones in the Fast & Furious films. After all, the studio wishes to attract those fans to the theaters by giving them something they clearly enjoy. Even so, Leitch must distinguish Hobbs & Shaw from the Fast & Furious in order to avoid the appearances of being a new sequel as opposed to the launch of a new series.

The studio clearly feels that the Fast & Furious franchise has — pardon the pun — run out of gas. The previous film in the series earned massive money at the box office. Few non-superhero films seem capable of incredible returns in the current landscape. Rather than crank out weak new entries in the same series, creating a new spinoff seems the better approach. Leitch remains confident about creating that approach.