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Denzel Washington Paid for Chadwick Boseman to Study Theater

Chadwick Boseman, star of the hit comic book movie Black Panther, let the world know Denzel Washington paid for him to study at Oxford.

While studying at Howard University, Boseman applied for a summer exchange program at Oxford. He hoped to study theater at the prestigious British university. Boseman’s professor at the time, actress Phylicia Rashad, asked her celebrity friends to pay for her students’ tuition. Denzel Washington was among the patrons.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Boseman recalled how he found out Washington had paid for his summer courses. “After we got back, we got a benefactor letter. Denzel paid for me.” Boseman remembered his excitement about Washington’s contribution to his education: “I couldn’t wait to write my thank-you letter!”

Boseman’s Oxford trip was over twenty years ago, but he just recently got the chance to meet Washington in person. When Boseman recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he spoke about the meeting.

Boseman explained how he met Washington at the New York premiere of Black Panther. “I got to tell you something,” Boseman had said to Washington, “you paid for me to go to school.” Washington responded, showing his quick wit, “Oh, so that’s why I’m here. You owe me money!”

Black Panther is well on its way to grossing over $1 billion worldwide. Could we see Denzel Washington in the sequel? Let’s hope.

Celebrity Denzel Washington Brings Important Values to The Attention of Fans

In comments circulated through the reddit website, actor Denzel Washington offered a reality check to fans concerning the entertainment industry. He noted people might decry the “difficulty” of creating films, yet he suggested this process does not really compare with other challenges in life, such as sending a loved one to Iraq to serve in a military action. His comments implied that popular culture sometimes loses sight of important human values.


The star certainly qualifies as a celebrity with extensive film industry experience. Born in 1954, he graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Journalism and Drama. During his very successful career in Hollywood, he has starred in a number of acclaimed stage productions and motion pictures, and has also directed films and produced records. In 2001, he received an Oscar for his lead performance in the film Training Day.


Denzel Washington has frequently acted with great kindness towards people during his career. He recently visited a librarian from his home town. Now 99 and residing in an assisted living facility in Georgia, Connie Mauro worked as a librarian for nearly 50 years in Mount Vernon, New York. Denzel Washington remembered her checking out books there during his childhood. He responded to a request to call her on her birthday. He later paid a personal visit to meet with her during a trip to the Atlanta area. His visit to the care facility thrilled the residents and brought a lot of happiness to his fan, Connie Mauro. The actor told her she had exercised a profound positive influence of his life in the past and he appreciated her.