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Get it Right With Kevin SeaWright

Who Is Kevin Seawright?

Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Advisor for a company called Newark Economic Development Corporation. He gained his success by effectively restructuring companies throughout New Jersey.

Kevin obtained a Masters of Business Administration from Almeda University and a Business Graduate degree from Notre Dame University. Being a leader is nothing new for Mr. Seawright. Below is a list of premier business leadership positions he has attained over the years.

  • Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • Campaign Manager
  • Executive Director of Operations
  • VP Finance & Human Capital

Social Media

Check out the Vice president social media channels to find out more about his achievements and personal agendas. Kevin keeps a clean social media presence. He can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. All pictures are crisp and business savvy. Learn more about kEVIN Seawright:

The profile business visual explains why this business professional is so well accomplished. Mr. Seawright Tumblr page really gives an inside look of the personal humanity of the person from the personal choice of post. Visit the well accomplished economic specialist as his website:

Business Worthy

Some of the beneficial advantages that come with Kevin renewable services are unlimited. One of the great things that an opportunist will acquire is a well-rounded business format. It means “simply” that he can be used as an all in one service because of his extensive diverse background.

He is responsible for over $400 million in operational management returns for all areas of business. A plain level of explanation would be the research of Kevin’s background and delivery.

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