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How Andrew Rolfe Reinvigorated the Ubuntu Education Fund

Running a non profit is much like running any other kind of business. You need to prioritize running a smooth operation, you need to raise money, and you need to supply your desired customer with a great service. The Ubuntu Education Fund, founded by Jacob Lief, aims to give hope through education to the impoverished children living in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Lief knows firsthand how powerful his work can be and he is aiming to help as many children as possible. In order to make this dream a reality Lief and the rest of the team on his board, including Andrew Rolfe, had to innovate. That brings us to the Ubuntu Model.


The Ubuntu Education Fund has, for years, been raising money in droves in order to help these children get the education that they deserve. Unfortunately Lief realized that they had a problem: the money wasn’t getting where it needed to go. Despite the massive donations the foundation was being hamstrung by various red tape and benefactor requests. While these benefactors may mean well they are really just putting Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief at a disadvantage. Having money stuck for earmarked causes when it could be better served elsewhere is just not a recipe for success.


So Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the crew decided to establish the Ubuntu Model. This model focuses on raising money from exclusively high end sources: wealthy benefactors and large foundations. This money has to come with no strings attached and as a result it is able to be spent where it will make the biggest difference. Andrew Rolfe is one of the donors on the Ubuntu Education Fund board and his leadership made this decision all the more possible. We’re eager to see just how things go in the future under the new Ubuntu model.


Andrew Rolfe graduated from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, with an M.A. as well as from Harvard Business School with his MBA. Rolfe has personally donated over $100,000 to the Ubuntu Education Fund in order to really put his money where his mouth is for the fund.


The Driving Factors Behind Online Reputation

When it comes to business, the first thing that should be thought about is how to manage reputation. As a matter of fact, it is important to do a lot of research on the different aspects of online reputation because people can be blindsided by an attack on their reputation. They could find themselves being hit with something that turns their lives upside down and they are not going to find out easily what happened. This is why it is important to know as much as possible about online reputation management. This will help people keep their lives on track.

According to, one of the major factors behind online reputation is social media. People often use social media to post updates on what is going on in the world. Among the different uses of social media is posting content that brings out emotion. Often times, it goes viral, and then it causes a reaction to whatever is being posted. Then the person or the company associated with the content is going to be responded to in a manner that is related to the nature of the content. If the content is positive in nature, then it is going to work well for the person or business.

With online reputation management, this saves the company a lot of trouble when it comes to dealing with its own reputation. Online reputation is very important for every business. However, larger businesses will be better able to handle a lot of bad press that is coming their way. Smaller businesses on the other hand are faced with a lot of problems. Therefore, they will have to be more careful with how they treat people. After all, they will be more easily consumed by all of the bad press. They will also lose their ability to support themselves when they lose customers.

An Overview of White Shark Media Reviews

Creating AdWords campaigns is a time consuming exercise. This is the reason why White Shark Media went a step further in simplifying the process by creating an excel template that allows users to work on all the vital elements of their campaigns at a go. The complete campaign is then uploaded to AdWords with the help of the AdWords Editor. The excel template was created in 2015 but has been overhauled to include some of the latest features in AdWords like the expanded text ads. This template is different in that the sitelinks option has been removed and there are step by step instructions in every sheet and video tutorials.



Success Formula



White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing agency that offers online marketing solutions specifically tailored for medium and small-sized businesses. The agency is among the fast growing in North America and this growth is as a result of conducting affordable search marketing campaigns that guarantees customers with a world-class experience. The agency tracks all the marketing efforts of its clients carefully and in detail. It relies on Google analytics, keyword-level tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence. These methods help the agency to be accountable to all its clients on a monthly basis.






A high number of satisfied clients offer great testimonials regarding the great services and results they get from White Shark Media. A number of the testimonials are published on the website of WSM for clients and prospective clients to see for themselves. Aaron V. from an e-commerce store in Iowa states that the customer success team at WSM has helped their business grow tremendously. Todd L., Painters from Canada testifies that WSM will be the only company that they will be using for their marketing efforts and asks people to follow suit.



About White Shark Media



WSM is an agency dealing in search marketing based in Central America, Denmark and United States. It has specialized in Bing Ads and AdWords management services to businesses classified as small and medium-sized. The agency focuses majorly on the areas where its clients make their money. E-commerce clients are offered product listing ads in various management plans, full Google analytics and conversion tracking implemented on all Shopify platforms.



White Shark Media has an extensive experience in the Shopify platform and refers all its existing clients to it. The first client to the agency from 2010 is still with the agency and utilizes the Shopify platform. The agency fully manages its clients AdWords campaigns from the time of initial setup and continuous optimizations for the realization of goals.

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There are many marketing agencies in America, but few can rival or even try to offer the awesome services that White Shark Media offers to medium and small sized businesses. This is the reason that sets apart White Shark Media from its competitors. Their services are tailored to meet and satisfy the customers’ requirements and needs. They have managed to create a name for themselves as a cost-effective marketing agency whose drive and passion is to provide world class services to their customers.

White Shark Media employs exquisite and excellent proprietary marketing tools by utilizing online marketing tactics. Some of the techniques that White Shark Media uses include proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration and keyword-level call tracking.

Foundation is essential when a person wants to start something, and that is why the foundations of White Shark Media are magnificent. Its founders are two brilliant Danish entrepreneurs who are experts and experienced in online and offline marketing. White Shark Media was founded in 2011 with a goal of offering unmatched product and services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Due to the experience and expertise of the founders, the customers of White Shark Media can enjoy and benefit from world class services of two well-travelled and experienced online and offline marketers.

The brilliance of White Shark Media has enabled it retain its incipient and first customer base when it was starting its operations. With an employee base of 150 people, White Shark Media has been able to spread its wings to three countries. This has been possible because of White Shak Media mastering Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Display Advertising and AdWords Search.

Google noticed the excellent work and services at White Shak Media, in 2012 they were invited to Google headquarters where they were assigned a team to help them leverage their clients and growth needs. Good work can’t go unnoticed, and that’s why in 2014 they were awarded the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. Not only did Google notice White Shark Media but also Microsoft saw their proven track of success and excellence.

Clearly, White Shark Media is destined for success through its innovative, flat fee marketing solutions that are cost efficient and also full of professionalism and transparency. White Shark Media is truly the company that any business needs for its online marketing solutions.

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