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Francisco Domenech: Managing Partner at Politank

Francisco Domenech is one of the strongest supporters of the Democrats in Puerto Rico. He currently works as a managing partner at Politank, developing strategies that would represent the interest of private entities and organizations in government-sponsored forums. Francisco Domenech is also a licensed lawyer, and he used his profession in the past to advance his political ambition. At the age of 27, he represented the Puerto Rican Senate and argued on behalf of it, and the case that was being heard is about the case of Igartua de la Rosa. He is also actively participating in hearing cases at the Puerto Rican Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

He was appointed in 2005 to become the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico, and it was Puerto Rican Senate President Kenneth McClintock and the Puerto Rican Speaker of the House of Representatives Jose Aponte who chose him for the position because they knew that his experiences with politics in the past would help him succeed in the new career presented to him. Francisco Domenech did his job well, and during his tenure is the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico, he initiated projects like the expansion of a legislative library, providing access to the physically disabled and the blind, and leading a summer program for interns. Read this Article at

As he managed to build his political portfolio, many candidates, especially from the Democrats, have seen that he can be an effective campaign partner. He was invited by Hillary Clinton to serve under her party during the 2016 United States Presidential Elections campaign. Francisco Domenech did his job well, campaigning for her and other candidates running under the banner of the Democrats. However, it seems like his strategies failed as Donald Trump in the last elections defeated Hillary Clinton. Despite what happened, the Democrats still consider Francisco Domenech as a valuable member of the party, and today, he is busy managing Politank. He stated that he would like to have his business expand to new heights, helping the private sector and the government to work together for a common goal. Follow: