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The Evolution of Drake in the Rap Game

When Drake makes a decision to give away money he goes big. With a net worth of $100 million some people may say that it isn’t a big deal for Drake to give away a million, but this really is a big deal.

Why many other rappers are flashing money and making it rain in strip clubs Drake is taking in money and doing something that benefits so many people. It is a big deal, and this is one of the first times that something like this has been seen in a rap video. This is clearly another innovative way for someone like Drake to express himself. He has become the guy that people look at when they want to hear and see something that is fresh and exciting.

Drake has been rapping for a long time, but it is his sing-song blend of R&B singing that has made him someone that women prefer. It has been stated that his laid back nature has been the thing that has made him rather popular with the crowd that is getting old. Women that are removing themselves from the world of gangster rap are elated for someone like Drake.

He has become the person that has managed to humanize rap. That is really the reason that more people look to Drake Aubrey Graham to see what his next move is. When you have done everything giving away $1 million may just seem like the next obvious step in the equation for Drake.

The Slow But Effective Rise of Drake

Drake has been a powerful artist that transitioned from acting to rap. It was amazing to see how a simple mix tape helped Drake become one of the most well-known artists in the world. His songs have collectively received more than a billion spins on Spotify. He has appeared in Sprite and T-Mobile commercials.

Some people may wonder how Drake continues to dominate, but the answer is rather simple: he is charismatic. This is the real reason that he gets the big commercials. People can relate to what he is doing, and his songs have catchy hooks. All of these things make a big difference. This is proof that Drake is among one of the best when it comes to propelling himself to the top. He doesn’t need a marketing team.

One reason for that is that Drake has created a formula where he gets popular off singles. He doesn’t have to make a whole album to sell music. He realized this with “Hotline Bling.” This was one of his biggest singles, but it was released during a time where there were only 2 two songs being released.

Drake is also known for battling, and he took down Meek Mills in a battle. There are so many areas where Drake has proven himself to be effective. He has his own team so his music does not sound like anything else out there. All of these are good things that make people appreciate what Drake is bringing to a very wide audience.