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Dwayne Johnson Replies to Prom Invitation

One of the biggest stars in the world of show business is Dwayne Johnson. He has released many hit movies over the past decade. His time as a wrestler helped him to get a large fan base. He is very active on social media. He loves to talk to all of his fans. The fact that he is so accessible has allowed many people to have contact with him that they could never get with other stars. A high school student from Minnesota recently made a video and sent it to Dwayne on his Twitter account. The student asked Dwayne if he was interested in taking her to the prom. This invitation caught Dwayne’s attention.

The girl’s name is Katie Kelzenberg. The bad news is that Dwayne could not attend her prom because he was already committed to filming his new movie called “Jungle Cruise” in Hawaii. However, he wanted to do something special for Katie because she impressed him so much. He decided to rent a movie theater that was very close to the city where she lives. The theater has 230 seats. Katie could invite all of her friends and family to watch Dwayne’s new “Rampage” film that just opened nationally.

Dwayne also recorded a special message that was played over the intercom at Katie’s high school to reveal the surprise to her. Dwayne them posted a video talking about the prom invitation on his Instagram account. He complimented Katie for not being shy because many women are shy around him.