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The Best Eco-Conscious Destinations Around the World

Most of the time travelers go through a list of many destinations they want to visit and deciding on it can be tricky. Emerging trends in the travel industry indicate that many travelers are gravitating towards eco-friendly destinations. Consider some of the best and most loved eco-friendly destinations around the world for your next vacation. These destinations are however striving to preserve the environment and animals therein. Look at the following destinations for your next trip or vacation.




This country enjoys an influx of tourist due to its breathtaking savannahs suitable for safari. Kenya is also host to some of the most majestic wild animals. Ecotourism Kenya is a government’s initiative to keep an eye on the nation’s natural resources. It has sandy beaches with lodges that are rated according to their environmental policies. It’s noteworthy to point out that it is the only country in the world whose capital city has a game reserve, Nairobi National Park. The best time to visit is between the end of June and October to see most wildlife.


Costa Rica


Many Eco-tourists know this tropical destination. It has lush nature reserves, rainforests, and national parks. Costa Rica is laden with many eco-lodges that are humble and swanky. It is a developed ecotourism infrastructure, natural beauty, and stunning biodiversity.


The Republic of Palau


It’s a small country comprising of 500 islands and is located between the Philippines and Guam. It has approximately 500 miles of reefs that are no-fishing zones. If you are a fun of diving, you can do this between December and March. Its government makes an effort of ensuring that its natural environment remains intact.


About Wild Ark


This is a conservation organization whose mission is to protect most of the world’s biodiversity as a way to conserve wildlife. This also helps in creating experience opportunities and research for people to reconnect with nature and be inspired to preserve and protect it. The founders of Wild Ark are by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. They are conservationists aimed at educating people about the wild and how to ensure the whole planet is protected for future generations. Learn more: