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Andrew Rolfe Involvement with Ubuntu.

The aim of educational funds is to change the lives of people who benefit from it. Sometimes, however, there could be a good flow of money, and yet the people’s lives do not change a bit. This realization dawned on Jacob Lief, the founder of Ubuntu Education Fund. Ubuntu Educational Fund helps children from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The realization prompted him to change his strategy. He stopped accepting grants that came with a manual on how to spend the money rather than focusing on the best ways of supporting the children. It now takes grants from family foundations individuals with a clear understanding of the importance of not restricting funds.

Ubuntu model in conjunction with communities helps in initiating plans for each and every child to offer education, health as well as stability needed by the children so as to escape the jaws of poverty.

Finding donors willing to give out their money without attaching strings is not an easy task. Some donors give specifications that funds must be used for a particular program, while others want to influence the strategy of the organization and the management. The specifications by donors continue to be imposed even after deaths. For instance, it took a long legal battle for corrections to be made on Albert Barnes’ will of not changing the collections even after having died in 1951.

Ubuntu has proudly received immense support from different stakeholders among them Andrew Rolfe who currently sits as the chairperson of the board at Ubuntu. He has extended his generosity and constant support to Ubuntu. Andrew Rolfe figured out that Ubuntu needed a board that would offer guidance on governance and strategy on the fund raised.

In the year 2016 during the growing up gala, Andrew Rolfe the chairperson of Ubuntu got the opportunity to give the opening speech. Andrew Rolfe was among the 400 guests.