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Ellen Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary Of Coming Out On National Television

Do you remember April 30, 1997? It was a milestone for the gay and lesbian rights movement. It’s the night that Ellen DeGeneres came out to the world on her #1 rated sitcom, Ellen. There was much backlash at that time as 44,000 people tuned-in to watch the episode. After her honesty, she sank into a deep depression as one-by-one her sponsors pulled from the show. Nearly bankrupt and socially spent, she proves that life does go on, eventually.


Time Life Magazine is honoring her with a commemorative article to celebrate two decades of growth. From rock bottom, the star picked herself up and re-branded. Today, many in the gay and lesbian community thank her. She was a pioneer in being honest with yourself and others about your sexual orientation.


In the article, she admits that she risked it all. However, she tells a very dark story about how lying became overwhelming. She was tired of being dishonest with her family and fans. Coming out was freeing, and even though it wasn’t good at first, it allowed her to be who she really was without fear.


Today, there are gay and lesbian actors and actresses who have freedom because of her bravery. It’s acceptable to be open and honest on television too, which is something Ellen wanted more than anything. She is proof positive that life can knock you down, but if you keep on fighting, then you can make it back on top. Her hit talk show is now entering its 14th year with increased ratings. Hats off to Ellen for paving the way for others.