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Emma Watson’s Interesting Take on Digital Privacy

Emma Watson has gained a reputation for taking a stand on issues she believes are important. The Harry Potter alum recently explained her typical refusal to grant fan photos in the context of a desire to maintain separation between her public persona and private life.


In an interview with Vanity Fair, Watson stated that posing for photos with a fan essentially creates a digital record of her life. It’s a record that Watson would prefer didn’t exist. Watson doesn’t like the idea that anyone can know what she was wearing, who she was with, and where she was at a certain point in time.


Obviously, Emma Watson has grown up in the era of social media where photos can go viral within minutes of being shared to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It’s understandable that she has concerns about privacy in the digital age. Before the Internet, fan photos with celebrities might never be seen outside of the fan’s own circle of family and friends. They could also be lost forever. Today, photos uploaded to the Cloud do in fact become an everlasting capsule of a moment in time.


Some will criticize Watson for her stance even though she does admit that she will not refuse a photo with a child. There are those who will make the argument that celebrity carries an inherent surrender of privacy. Clearly, Watson doesn’t agree. She believes that the choice gives her a certain amount of control over privacy in the digital era. If Watson’s commitment to other causes is a benchmark, fans shouldn’t expect an exception to be made when they ask the young actress for a photo.