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Chinese Multi-Billionaire Takes 6400 Staff With Him on Vacation

A wealthy Chinese businessman recently took 6,400 of his company’s employees on a multi day vacation to France. The billionaire chairman of the Tiens Group, Li Jinyuan, flew a group of 6,400 employees with him from China to France. While in town the lucky employees stayed at 5 star hotels and visited such amazing sites as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

The billionaire reportedly took everyone on the vacation due to the fact that the company had been experiencing record profits and a number of employees had been either meeting or exceeding quotas that year. This goes to show what you can accomplish with some hard work.

This is easily the most obvious sign of growing corporate largess in China where employees are starting to be seen as valuable rather than disposable labor reports Jaime Garcia Dias of the working conditions. The employees that were left behind were also given a bonus package and any of the 6400 employees that went on the trip were able to collect a bonus if they could not make the trip or they did not choose to go. All in all this is a fantastic step forward for the country of China and you can bet that billionaire Li Jinyuan will be in the hearts of many of his employees and the people of China. Hopefully this leads other millionaires and billionaires to follow his example and treat their employees to a fantastic overseas vacation.