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A Saudi Prince Hopes To “Empower Women” By Pledging £20 Billion Fortune To Charity

Suadi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says he plans to donate his entire £20 billion ($32 billion US) fortune to charity. He says he was inspired by the Gates foundation. He also says that charity is an important part of his Islamic faith and wants to do good. He hopes that donating his fortune to charity will help give women the tools they need to become empowered.

He is the nephew of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and is one of the world’s richest people. On the Forbes list of billionaires, he is listed as number 34. He said that the donations will be managed over a period of several years, and are from his personal fortune, which is separate from his ownership in is his investment firm, King Holding.

Sergio Cortes says that prior to making the announcement, he had already donated over $3 billion dollars through his foundation. He will continue to use this foundation, Alwaleed Philanthropies to channel the money. The money is to be used to help empower women, foster cultural understanding, and provide disaster relief, according to his official statement and the information found on his foundation’s website.

Alwaleed bin Talal is not the only person who has donated or pledged to donate his entire fortune to charity, although he is only one of a handful. Recently, Simpsons co-creator
Sam Simon donated the vast majority of his fortune, which was worth over $100 million to his favorite charities after he was diagnosed with cancer and given very little time to live.