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Breaking The Trail For Women in the Workplace, Susan McGalla

Throughout the years much of the business world has been ran by the men of the world but that is not so much the case. Gradually over the past several decades there have been more and more women who have stood out above the rest as true businesswomen and entrepreneurs. In more recent years one such example has stood out amongst the pack and that is Susan McGalla.

She grew up in a household with her football coach father and two brothers. There was no easy road for Susan simply because she was a female, her father cut no slack and instilled into her a strong work ethic and drive to achieve her goals. Susan acquired her BA from Mont Union College and shortly after began her career at the Joseph Horne Company though in 1994 she got her true base working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

Her advancement through what was at the time, a mostly male occupied company, showed a remarkable progression towards a true culture change within the workforce of business professionals. Throughout her career with American Eagle Outfitters, Inc Susan held a variety of management positions before she became the president and chief merchandising officer. Her passion and talent enabled her to manage four different brands, an e-commerce site, responsibility for the P&L and managing revenues of over $3 Billion.

Due to her upbringing there was never an issue of gender for her within the workplace. Her positive attitude and ability to work the same way with either male or females enabled an overall positive change in the workplace culture from 2000-2010. It has been shown that companies that are gender diverse are 15% more likely to vastly outperform companies in the same industry that are not gender diverse. Susan McGalla has really been a beacon for woman in the professional world everywhere.

How Fashion and Technology Combination Rewards Consumers

The integration of technological advancements into fashion, or vice versa, has been in the making for far too long that the idea will no longer surprise the citizens of all nations, even though it will make them anticipate for any amazing byproduct that the two fields can generate.


According to Chris Burch, a boom box was a vital accessory for the people in the early 70s who were following the hip culture. Regardless of the weight of the equipment, many still carried it on their shoulders at the time. When the Walkman came out during the 90s, it offered individuals a chance to listen to music on the streets and incorporate the device to their outfits. By the moment that the 21st century started, iPods became the ‘in’ thing, and everyone had to have it with them so that they could seem cool in front of the others.


The newer technological inventions that get released in the market, on the other hand, are not simply a means to keep the consumers entertained on their way to a specific destination. In fact, most of the fashionable accessories that can be found now are supposed to increase the protection of the users while on the road. An example of this is the Airbag for Cyclists which Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt synthesized. This system has to be worn on the neck, and in case of emergency an airbag will come out of it to prevent the user’s head or face from getting damaged by the impact of the crash. In a different instance, there is a pair of Frontline Gloves that Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan have produced to assist firefighters in producing hand signals to inform one another of the current situations with the burning establishment.


Inventors are also highly interested in creating stylish products out of scrap materials. As a matter of truth, Emma Whiteside has been able to craft a long, beautiful gown from radiator copper, while SegraSegra has generated T-shirts and jackets from the bicycles’ inner tubing.


Of course, items that combine practicality and endurance are not far behind. To be precise, there are sneakers at present which have a charging system attached to them. Thus, every time the consumer runs, he or she can charge their mobile device.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch serves as the CEO and Founder for Burch Creative Capital. He has been making profitable investments for no less than 40 years.

Adam Milstein: A Positive Influence In The Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and Israeli real estate investor who was born in Haifa, Israel. He is the son of Eva and Hillel Milstein. Adam started a foundation in the year of 2000 called Milstein Family Foundation with his wife. The organization focuses on young professionals who are intact with their Jewish roots. The foundation offers a comfortable environment for students to learn about the State of Israel and provide them with important historical facts about the Jewish people.Adam Milstein is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli American Council.

In 2015, Milstein participated in a Campus Maccabees Summit that brought together multiple different organizations to help fight against negative views towards the Jewish State on America’s college campuses. In 2016, he was named one of the most positive influences in the Jewish community.

Adam provides a large array of services to strengthen the Jewish people, the U.S. and the State of Israel. He specializes in building relationships with all three by offering fundraising opportunities, support programs, Jewish continuity, and other forms of services. He focuses on three unique principles which include:

Active Philanthropy

Adam and his staff actively invest their time to make sure that all of their projects and programs are running smoothly and successfully versus just contributing to a general fund.This principle focuses on their young supporters. Making sure to keep them engaged from a young age to adulthood. Giving them a program to follow for each portion of their lives.This segment combines all of their resources to create a larger impact on a massive scale. Connecting several non profit groups in effort to support mutual projects.



Venezuelan Deputy Of The National Assembly José Manuel González Wants To Take Back His Country From The Incompetent Socialist President

José Manuel González, the Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico, has been working hard to get Venezuela back into the swing of things politically and economically. But President Nicolas Maduro is doing everything he can to keep Venezuela under the control of his socialist- dictatorship. Maduro is the hand-picked successor of Hugo Chavez, the popular socialist leader that spent money freely on social programs. Chavez used the money the country received from oil exports to bring some of the nation’s poor people out of poverty, but he didn’t save any money for a rainy day. That rainy day came when the price of crude dropped, according to Mr. González, and Nicolas Maduro didn’t know how to make the necessary adjustments to keep the economy moving in the right direction.

Jose Manuel González is known as an agricultural entrepreneur as well as a National Assemblyman, so he has been in a bitter battle with the Maduro loyalists that have cut government employee hours, closed shopping malls and confiscated farms and businesses. González has proposed a national agreement to counter the failed Maduro policies, but that attempt has failed so far. Mr. González is one of the people that wants Maduro to accept help from countries like Colombia and Brazil, but Maduro claims Venezuela doesn’t need help. More than 100,000 women crossed the Colombian border recently in search of food for their children because the Maduro government has refused to allow imports into the country.

The Venezuelan economy is collapsing in front of the world’s eyes. The IMF recently put out a report that said inflation in Venezuela will hit 1,600 percent in 2017. Instead of listening to González and the other members of the National Assembly, Maduro has put the military in charge of distributing food and controlling the ports. Venezuela is on the verge of becoming the most violent country in the world. Caracas is now the most violent city in the world, according to González. But José Manuel González is not giving up. He believes the people will remove Maduro from office. He just doesn’t know when.

Marc Sparks is an Inspiration for Entrepreneurs All Over the World

Entrepreneurship is a skill most people admire, but few have mastered as well as Marc Sparks, founder and CEO of Timber Creek, LP, a private equity firm dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams.

Sparks is also known for his philanthropy efforts with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, where he helped to construct affordable housing for families in need. Sparks has been involved with the Samaritan Inn as well, a local homeless shelter, since the beginning of his career. He is also the leader of an inspiring non-profit organization called Sparkey’s Kids that puts laptops in the hands of underprivileged children who couldn’t otherwise afford the technological essential.

With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Sparks has acquired a large range of talents that is being put to good use by helping those who aspire to change the world with their innovation and business ideas, just like Sparks has done for the last three decades. Timber Creek, LP offers entrepreneurs the funding, office space, equipment, and development needed to be successful in the ever-changing world of business. However, Spark’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there.

The telecommunication industry has also benefited greatly from the skills harnessed by Sparks. He has worked with companies like Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom. Sparks has also experienced success within the real estate, business solutions, and venture investing.

Marc Spark’s portfolio is certainly impressive, with many praise worthy accomplishments under his belt and many more to come in the future. But, even more commendable are his efforts to make communities better by providing people with the resources they desperately need. Sparks has never taken his success for granted, and spreads his good fortune by making the world a happier place wherever, and whenever, he can. For any young entrepreneurs who are finding out what it takes to be successful in the business world, Sparks gives them a role model they can look up to and find guidance for their future business endeavors. Marc can be reached at @msparks5010.