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Equity first holdings GC reports

Equity first holdings is a company which was started by Christy Jr in the year 2002. Christy used to work in a finance dealing company for several years where he utilized the experience and knowledge acquired in the company to start the equity first holdings.

The company was started in Indianapolis where its main offices are situated with over 40 qualified employees available to offer their services. The company has grown over the years and has opened other offices in some other countries like China, Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand and also planning to open additional offices all over the world in the future.

The main reason the company was started is to provide finance to individuals and organization who are in need of funding.

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Equities First Holdings Takes the World of Finance By Storm

Equities First Holdings (EFH) has provide clients the tools to reach goals. The primary product of EFH is the equity-loan. An equity-loan allows a potential borrower to use stocks as collateral. EFH can provide financial advice to help its’ clients achieve their goals. EFH helps people by partnering with investment banks. EFH succeed because the equity-loans are trusted by clients. The popularity of the loan will help them grow.

The London office has several transactions help people take notice. It was enough for EFH to learn their office will work in a new market. EFH saw an operation had a chance to strive and it allowed them to move forward with expansion to markets in Australia and Asia. People have a chance. Joel Leonoff, CEO of PaySafe Group PLC (PSG) received an Equity-Loan and once he repaid the loan he receives 9 million shares. Th equity loan is the reason EFH has been able to generate a $1 billion in four years.

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