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Contact Lens Wearers Have More Bacteria On Eyeball

It may not come as a surprise, but placing something on your eye is not a natural act. Anything that is not a natural act will have consequences, that includes placing a thin contact lens on the eyeball. Most contact lens wearers will develop an eye infection at some point during their user history and many end up at the local emergency room in severe pain when it happens. Some people suffer from irreparable vision problems due to eye infections or other issues caused from their contact lens.

That, too, should come as no surprise in light of the recent study findings which reveal that contact lens wearers have over 5,000 strains of bacteria living on their eyeball. That number is significantly higher than a non-contact lens wearer and is almost equal to the number of bacteria found on the skin’s surface. Some of those nasty bacteria residing on the eyeball of a contact lens wearer include –
* Acinetobacter, found in water and soil and is responsible for various types of infection.
* Methylobacterium, which is found in sewage, soil and on leaves.
* Pseudomonas, which causes ear infection and other more serious infections.
* Lactobacillus, the good bacteria that is supposed to be in your digestive system.
These strains of bacteria have been associated with those that have developed into antibiotic resistant strains too which according to Eric Pulier is of huge concern with antibiotics.