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Fashion and Technology are Naturals Together

Two things almost guaranteed to change daily are the fashion and technology industries. Christopher Burch believes that looking into the past and comparing it to the present highlights what’s waiting for us in the future, and he’s right. What started out as the boom box in the 70s ended up as iPods in this century. Music is fashionable, and technology has always found a way to integrate itself with current trends. Now that technology as found its way into the clothing industry, it really makes a person wonder what could be next to grab our attention.

As chairman of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch is an active investor in many businesses and is co-founder of the fashionable clothing brand, Tory Burch. Burch believes in the power of branding and puts his intelligent edge to good use in the marketing of not only clothing but financial services, hospitality, consumer products, and technology as well. Right now the heat is on fashion and technology…seeing where this trend leads is going to be interesting.

After nearly 4 decades of entrepreneurial and investment activities Christopher Burch has been involved in the development of over 50 different companies. His grasp of the consumer psyche combined with solid experience and excellent business instincts has allowed Burch to add more than one famous name to his portfolio. ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Jawbone, and Voss water are just a few of the brands that place their trust in Burch.

Imagine a “drink-making dress,” the DareDroid, or Pseudomorphs, a “self-painting dress,” and that is today’s reality. There are so many unusual ways technology is being used to liven up the fashion industry keeping track of them all would be difficult but at least a few more of the most unique ones need to be mentioned here. How about clothing designed to capture the kinetic energy created by movement and then used to power an mp3, or shoes that can charge a cell phone while in motion? What’s next, slacks able to keep track of calories and tell you when it’s time to walk away from the food?