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Infinity Group Australia Awarded by AFR as One of the Most Innovative

Australian Financial Review placed Infinity Group Australia at 58th of the most innovative businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm and Recebba Walker in 2013. This company is one of the largest-growing financial advising and debt reduction firms. One of Infinity Group Australia’s goals is to make sure that their clients stay on top of their finances by debt reduction, improve financial management, and to have a stable future. For 5 years after its launching, Australian Financial Review (AFR) awarded the company as one of the most innovative in the country in 2018.


AFR awarded 100 companies for seven years in their Most Innovative List. The recognition was formerly named BRW Most Innovative. This prestigious list yearly announces the best companies in terms of technological innovations, creative business models, and span of growth. Australian Financial Review also owns a publication with a total of 1.8 million readers.


The leading company in assessing innovations, called Inventium, were the judges that compiled the said list. There were also industry experts, leaders, and public figures that helped ranked the companies in order. The nominations were ranked in order of how they are leading in their respective industries, the uniqueness of their operations, company culture, as well as their ability to solve their client’s problems.


Infinity Group Australia received the 58th rank out of 1,000 other companies in New Zealand and Australia. They are considered the top 5.8% from all the nominations. Graeme Holm received the honor at the event by AFR at the Most Innovative Companies Awards Night. The event was held on July 30, 2018.



About Infinity Group Australia


Infinity Group Australia, founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, is a new concept in terms of financial training. As an MPA Top 100 broker, Mr. Holm is responsible for overseeing that their clients are receiving personalized advice about financial issues. The approach is quite unique. The company reviews the person’s spending habits, by going into detail about the household expenses and current needs. They hold several meetings with the clients to help them understand the individual’s financial situation and to adjust their spending and investing habits to meet the needs and achieve financial goals.


Australians can benefit greatly from their services, based on Infinity Group Australia reviews. Some brokers would be quick to dismiss the job when the loan for paying off the debt is already approved. However, Infinity Group Australia takes it to another level. They hire a personal banker that helps people pay off the debt as soon as possible. Learn more:


Michael Burwell Named CFO Of Willis Towers Watson


With 31 years of experience in the world of high finance, Michael Burwell was bound to reach the top sooner or later. As of October 2, 2017, Mr. Burwell took a giant step upward when he was named Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. Current CFO Roger Millay will be stepping down from the post and allowing Burwell a chance to shine.


Willis Towers Watson CEO John Haley said that the company was excited and happy to have “Mike” on board with their leadership team, noting his long record of exemplary service both to WTW and others. He went on to say that the company would be making a transition of epic proportions and that he trusted Michael Burwell to utilize his skills for the benefit of the company during this crucial time.


Of course, this isn’t Michael Burwell’s first leadership role. He has served in various leadership roles for about the last ten years. However, this latest promotion puts him at an entirely different level. He has previously served as head of global transformation, chief operating officer, chief financial officer for the United States, and head of transportation services for the United States. He also has more than a decade each of experience in the areas of auditing and transaction services advisory. He is expected to be one of the key members of WTW’s leadership team.


In a recent interview with, Mr. Burwell explains some of his business philosophies. One thing he talks about is the need to listen to everyone at the company and to evaluate their ideas fairly. He sees this as a way to always keep the company fresh with innovation.


According to Mike Burwell, the most important thing in the world of business is networking. By this, he means getting out there and making connections with others in your field. Often, these networking skills are essential in creating sound business partnerships and mutually beneficial deals. Besides that, it gives one another source to seek out for good advice in the event of a crisis. When we consider his vast experience and success, it is hard to deny that this man knows his business inside and out.


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HCR Wealth Advisors Helping People Manage Their Finances Properly

Planning your finance can be really complicated, especially if you are from a completely different profession and have no clue about how the financial world works. Many people across the globe struggle with their finances, not because they don’t earn enough, or they don’t have money, but because they don’t know how to manage their finances. It is necessary that people save their money and invest on a regular basis. There are tons of companies as well as finance professionals out there who claim that they can make your life free of financial worries, but can you trust these financial planners? You should always make sure that the financial planner you hire is registered and has been in the business for a while.

HCR Wealth is a firm that hundreds of people, as well as organizations, in the United States, trust with their financial affairs and investments. The company has nearly three decades of experience in the financial planning sector. It is probably for this reason that most of its clients choose and stay with the firm and many of its existing clients have been using the company’s services for over ten years. HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) has developed an effective, personalized approach when it comes to financial planning and starts their investment and financial planning from scratch for each of its clients. It is because the company firmly believes that what works for one client will be different than what works for other clients.

It is necessary that proper research and analysis is utilized to determine what the client is actually looking for before designing the financial and investment strategy for the client. HCR Wealth Advisors have a team of experienced financial advisors who work closely with the clients to help them achieve their financial goals without any hiccups. One has to make sure that they are picking the right investment plans for themselves so that they do not lose their money in unproductive investments.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Michael Burwell Takes Over As CFO For Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson, a company that specializes in global advisory a well as insurance and reinsurance broking services, has tabbed Michael Burwell as the man to replace the now-retired Roger Millay as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.


Burwell brings with him 31 years’ experience as an employee of PwC where he performed admirably in a number of upper leadership roles. These positions include stints as PwC’s CFO and COO in the United States and Head of Global Transformation. He also worked for 11 years with auditing and a dozen years with the transaction advisory services including pre-merger workings, due diligence, and valuations of companies and other assets.


Willis Towers Watson CEO John Haley said that he was excited to have Michael Burwell join the team and says that he will be an important part of the company’s evolution. Haley pointed to Burwell’s ability to lead and manage as valuable assets to Willis Towers Watson.


Haley also took the time to thank Millay for his service to Willis Towers Watson and congratulated the former CFO for the progress made by the company during his tenure.


Michael Burwell attended Michigan State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree and has also fulfilled the requirements as a Certified Public Accountant.


Michael Burwell was jubilant in his acceptance of the position with Willis Towers Watson and says that he is impressed with the culture of leadership, teamwork, and commitment to clients that exists within the company.


Michael Burwell says that he hopes to bring his philosophy of using technology to increase productivity to employees under his leadership. Burwell also says he wants to stress his belief in the importance of networking and relationship development to the younger members of the company. Refer to This Article to learn more.


About Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is the current Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson and is well seasoned in many aspects of the finance industry due to the 31 years of working in various positions with PwC. Burwell completed his education with an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and was recognized in 2010 as the school’s Alumnus of the Year.


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Infinity Group Australia: The Best Choice for Your Wallet

Finding a balance in modern life can be a struggle for anyone. There are so many factors to consider when attempting to live one’s best life. A major factor that many people have to consider is their individual financial fitness. Being financially stable can benefit one’s life in many ways that seem obvious. One way that a healthy financial balance can benefit an individual’s life that isn’t as obvious is peace of mind. By maintaining healthy finances, a person can free themselves from many worries of the modern age. The something that many Australians haven’t explored to its full extent.


One way that a person can take control of their finances is by implementing a financial advisor. These financial experts are able to assist their clients in many ways. There are the obvious ways of making sure their clients are generally financially stable. What’s interesting, is the unexpected ways that the service can positively impact its users. For many the key elements that inspire their choice to use a financial advisor is the positive outcome it can have on their stress levels. No longer do these individuals have to color their minds with the responsibility of trying to manage it all. By enlisting the aid of a professional they are able to guarantee that their finances will be handled in the best possible way without having to discover what that way is on their own. Navigating financial concerns is intimidating for anyone not familiar with the landscape.

Selecting the right company to go with is easily the most difficult part of this process. Infinity group Australia could be a valuable partner in managing financial affairs. Infinity Group Australia reviews showcase happy customers raving about the product. These reviews demonstrate the quality of the product that infinity group Australia offers. The firm focuses on ensuring the long-term financial health of their client. This can be achieved by enlisting their aid in a specific undertaking or hiring them for all your financial management needs. Either way, you’re sure to get a partner that explores your unique needs. Infinity group Australia focuses on three key areas of financial well-being. The first being debt reduction. By reducing their client’s overall debt they can relieve pressure from them. The second service they offer is wealth creation. They want their clients to understand that despite the financial responsibilities of your average Australian it is possible to create long-term wealth. Finally, they offer retirement planning services that ensure their clients can retire without worry. Learn more:

Michael Burwell: The New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson And His Trust for Employees’ Intuition

What most people who want to be in the know have to learn about Michael Burwell today is that he’s the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, a consultancy and advising services firm helping companies large and small with their finance problems. Burwell would be the one replacing the former CFO of Watson, Roger Millay. Millay voluntarily retired last 2 Oct 2017. However, there’s more to the name Burwell than such official press release announcement would say. People probably didn’t know yet that before such position, Michael Burwell was the fantastic man in power for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). It was in that time that he spent 31 years honing his leadership skills as well as his educational background as a public accountant.


It was in 1997 that the work of Burwell in PwC had led him to be elected as the company’s official partner and the head of the company’s business advisory service. He was also promoted to run PwC’s Detroit Transaction business until he was then appointed as PwC’s Chief Financial Officer. The biggest achievement of Michael Burwell by then was when in 2012 he was promoted as Vice Chairman Global of PwC’s U.S. Transformation programs. This allowed for the expansion of the private shares services of the firm.


The feature that the website Inspirery wrote about Michael Burwell also added some of the more personal nuggets of wisdom generated by Burwell in all his career. It was there that Burwell shared his personal experience in getting the best ideas that he uses for his work. He shared that the most practical, encouraging and brilliant ideas he’s been able to offer for the company he’s worked for often come from the unique perspective of the employees.


The people within the company have the invaluable skill to intuit, see and infer ideas that the someone not involved in the operations would be hard-pressed to discover. It is then the duty of people like Burwell to get the enthusiasm among the workforce going and to make sure these ideas are filtered through before they disappear into other people’s hands. Read This Article for related information


Brief Bio of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant currently working as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson. He got his BBA degree in Finance at Michigan State University.


Michael Burwell Accomplished Individual

Michael Burwell currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer for the company Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell has prior work experience holding the position of Chief Financial Officer in the workforce. He worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). While working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) he concentrated on business consultative assistance. By the year 2009 Michael Burwell had moved up in position. He was given the position of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer among PwC’s businesses in the United States. In the year 2012 Michael Burwell was appointed the position of U.S. Transformation and Vice Chairman Global. While having the position of Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation he constructed and developed PwC’s centralized mutual services. Michael Burwell has 31 years of commerce expertise and 11 years of audit expertise.


Michael Burwell attended Michigan State University. At Michigan State University he obtained his Bachelor’s degree. His degree focused on business administration. Through education he also achieved becoming a licensed public analyst. In the year 2010 Michael Burwell was credited with the recognition of Michigan State University’s Alumnus.


Michael Burwell consistently brings innovative ideas forth as Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. He makes sure that ideas our observed and properly evaluated throughout his work day. Michael Burwell is very interested in trends that bring forth engaging networks and developments. Michael Burwell uses the assistance of technology to increase productivity on a daily basis. Michael Burwell uses flip board on a daily basis. He uses the technology of flip board to be able to access and browse content daily in real time. Michael Burwell is consistently constructing and developing beneficial networks during his daily work day. Read This Article for additional information.


Michael Burwell believes in positive strategies and tactics to help expand and grow any business. Michael Burwell makes sure that he takes the time to assess situations with his team at work. He believes taking the time to assess is a great strategy to help deepen the understanding of how him and his team prospered and what to work on to continue beneficial growth. Michael Burwell has mentioned that the book “Soft Selling in a Hard World” is a beneficial book to read. He has stated that this book helps individuals to comprehend the determination and drive it takes to become a successful individual.


In conclusion, Michael Burwell is a hardworking and driven individual that continues to maintain a successful career.




Why Does Every Organization Salivate For Michael Burwell?

“Be a good listener and always remember to network effectively”. These are the words you will hear from the mouth of this successful businessman Michael Burwell as a recommendation to other upcoming entrepreneurs. He has lived the quote and has seen the fruits it has yielded. This is because every person you come across especially in the world of business has something unique which you may not know. So you just have to invest your time in listening to others to know that unique thing in them.


His relentless efforts in making things happen and his positive look of things could be what global companies like Willis Towers Watson have seen in Michael Burwell in addition to his qualifications and experience. Being named as the incoming Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson is an excitement to the firm for adding to their leadership team an experienced individual like Burwell.

He comes to Watson with more than 30 years of experience in the finance field which he gained from Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) where he served in various senior roles and positions in the United States including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Head of Global Transformation and Head of Transaction Services. Michael has worked on matters involving valuation, due diligence on merging companies, providing advisory services and auditing. The understanding of this hero on matters of management and producing results to companies even in the global vicinity.


The experience of Mike is definitely going to enhance the growth of Willis Towers Watson especially in achieving their long-term goals. The great leadership team at Watson, their focus on the clients’ needs and their inclusivity form a very good platform for Burwell to display his full potential in making the company succeed. His mindset of looking to do more with the small thing in his hand will enhance the growth of the company to heights.


According to Burwell, the fact that you want to make everyone happy will prevent you from dispensing your full potential. Believing in yourself is critical when you want to stand out; after all, he says that the only place to look for leadership is in the mirror; that means looking at yourself. One thing that he believes that many may not concur with him is the growth of micro-communities which is doomed to even increase in future. See Related Link for more information.


He never reached the heights he is currently without education. Michael Burwell at Michigan State University for his Business Administration degree and he is a CPA. Burwell has been recognized as the Michigan State University’s Alumnus of the Year in 2010.


An Insight To The Life And Career Of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell pursued a degree course in Bachelor of Arts in Business administration from Michigan State University. Apart from this course, he is also a certified accountant with a CPA. Michael was named the new Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson, and he was to replace the outgoing Roger Millay.


Willis Towers Watson is a global insurance company which specializes in Insurance and reinsurance broking. Roger’s term was ending on October 2nd, 2017 on a voluntary retirement basis. John Haley who is the acting chief executive officer of Willis Towers Watson, was excited on the arrival of Michael.


He commented on how excited he was to have Michael in the leadership team at a time when the company was evolving. John added that Michael was competent for the job since he understands managing, leading and driving results in a global focus since he strongly focuses on clients. John also added that he was confident that Michael Burwell’s competence in the field of finance, transactions, and transformation would be an advantage for the company as it would drive the company to reach its goals of long-term growth and remaining integration efforts.


It would also allow the company to reach its full potential. John did not forget to recognize the good work done by Roger; his exemplary leadership contribution to the company. John also said that Roger’s service left the Willis Towers Watson with potential and in a suitable position to achieve success.


Working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) for 31 years enabled Burwell to gain financial and professional services experience. He had also gained leadership skills after being in various senior leadership roles; heading Global transformation, being the Chief operating officer and chief financial officer in the United States and also the head of Transaction Services in the United States. Apart from experience gained at PwC, Burwell also has been an auditor for 11 years as well as in Transaction and advisory services for about 12 years. the experience has made him competent in whatever position he is given. Refer to This Article to learn more.


To add to the experiences, Michael Burwell has also worked on pre-merge and valuation fields. Michael joining Willis Towers Watson was an honor for him, and he acknowledged that his contact with the company enabled him to appreciate the strength of leadership and the commitment to clients that the company has. Michael was also impressed with the collaborative and inclusive culture that the company had. He added that he aimed to contribute to the success of Willis Towers Watson.