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George Soros Offers Humanitarian Support Through Open Societies

The life of George Soros is nothing short of inspiration. His resilience towards success is unimaginably impressive. Soros came from a humble background. Born in Hungary, he was part of the group that experienced inhuman treatment while growing. Soros was on the wrong side of power as a child. His family suffered but his father rescued them by presenting falsified documents. Soros was not lucky as a child. His family had to go into hiding by pretending to be related to the minister of agriculture. As a teenager, Soros worked with his father to falsify their identity and survive the crisis. Fearing for his life, Soros decided to choose a way out. They were going to be deported to death camps. He had to leave his native land when the Nazi Regime attacked them. At that juncture, he resolved to settle in London. Being visionary, he invested in education and read full article.

Profile of Education

Soros joined the London School of Economics to pursue finance. He loved Karl Popper’s works. Being a philosopher, Popper was into saving humanity. Soros was influenced by his need to offer humanity a better society. Through his works, he was dedicated to change the world. He attained his bachelor’s and master’s degree in philosophy. By attaining strong academic credentials, he was better positioned to deliver in the career world. Soros delved into the search for careers. He worked at merchant banks for some time before moving to America. He had grasped some experience in finance. When he arrived in America, he invested in a hedge fund. Double Eagle was born in 1969. That was from the first hedge fund he established. His profits were huge enough to earn him public recognition.

Hedge Fund

In 1970, Soros founded the second hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. As the business grew, Double Eagle changed its name to Quantum Fund. Soros was the head cheerleader. He controlled the operations of the organization. Under the account was $12 million in assets to manage. As at 2011, the funds totaled to $25 million. In England, he had invested to the point of being called the individual that broke the bank. His investments picked up at an alarming rate  and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Open Society

Soros believed in reflexivity, a theory he borrowed from Karl Popper. The concept reflected self-awareness, a value that should be adopted in any given environment. To him, the concept was valid in creating market valuation in life’s scenarios. It covered the actions of individuals that participated in markets. Soros built the Open Society Foundations from this concept. He has massively contributed to the development of this organization. Over the years, Open Society has focused on key societal issues that affect the afflicted. Through the human rights foundations and other charity organizations, Open Society Foundations has initiated humanitarian projects and Follow him at

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Equities First Holdings Records New Achievements Following Change In Lending Regulations

As a market leader, Equities First Holdings has aspired to offer affordable credit solutions that are aimed at enhancing the access to credit among borrowers. The company, established over a decade ago, has emerged as the most preferred stock-based lender. One of the achievements Equities First Holdings made recently is the issuance of more loans than the company has ever achieved due to some changes that occurred in the lending world affecting banks.

Many banks changed their lending regulations and tightened the criteria upon which borrowers can qualify for a loan. These new rules have left many with no option for credit apart from turning to alternative lending, which includes working with stock-based lenders like Equities First Holdings. With the new regulations also came an increase in interest rates, a situation that has made borrowers to opt for other methods of borrowing.

Borrowers who have tried stock-based lending have found the option better since the interest rates offered are friendly coupled with the fact no changes in the economy like inflation can affect the rates. Additionally, there are no stringent measures applied for borrowers who are looking to access working capital. All one needs is to have publicly traded stocks and the lender will offer credit that is equivalent to the value of the stocks.

The repayment period and terms offered when it comes to stock-based lending are relaxed and don’t force one out of options. It is a comfortable system that allows borrowers to access credit regardless of their status.

More about Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has come out as a strong player in the lending industry and their stock-based lending option has attracted customers from across the world. The company, founded in 2002, has grown over the years and recorded achievements amounting to billions. To date, they have recorded at least $1.4 billion in loans issued to customers and they are looking to continue offering more people a source of working capital.

In line with their regulations and vision, Equities First Holdings has emphasized the need for maintaining fair interest rates in the market. Their lending options have offered the most affordable interest rates and their regulations are friendly to all categories of borrowers.

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FreedomPop Gets Fabulous Funding!

If you are a light user of cell phone services (500 megabytes, 200 voice call and up to 500 text messages per month) and would like to enjoy them for free, explore a fresh idea called Freedompop. Need a phone? They also offer deep discounts on smartphones and tablets.

As originally reported on Fortune, this is a Los Angeles cell phone company in business since 2012 that buys the services at a deep discount from Sprint. They then pass these discounts to their customers. Steven Stokols, CEO is a seasoned startup impresario who sees a profitable future with no cell tower framework to maintain. He knows that the customer will eventually want added services and will pay for it as increased services are offered. Eventually Mr. Stokols would like to increase the free data to 800 MG or possibly to 1G.

The customers can enlarge their services by changing their plan at much lower costs than the Other Guys. Freedompop picks up the check for the mobile data, SMS and voice service making this an asset that the customer can acquire for far less than the competition. They can cherry pick services like insurance on the phone for breakage, incognito browsing or data rollover month to month. International phone numbers can be added to the phone without the Other Guys International mark up prices. This idea is catching fire as the company’s popularity is spreading by their own FreedomPop customers and that has resulted in the need for growth capital.

TechCrunch reports that FreedomPop has gotten the attention of Partech Ventures, DCM and Mangrove Capital to the tune of thirty million dollars! Naturally, the competition has been making offers to Freedompop to get their hands on it seeing that it already had acquired $49.3 million since the company’s inception. Six solid propositions were offered to acquire the company by The Otherguys: the estimated worth being beneath a squatty hundreds of millions of dollars!

Christopher Cowdray Grows More and More

Christopher Cowdray is now the CEO of the Dorchester Collection. Now, this collection has since spanned to cover several different hotels throughout the world, and while it is not as large as many of the other hotel chains, it is one of the most prestigious. Since being around in 1996, the hotel chain contains 10 different locations. Christopher Cowdray, from Zimbabwe, became the CEO of the company due to his tireless work in the industry and his experience with working and managing hotels throughout the world. Knowing a bit more about the Dorchester Collection can help shed some light on his overall career though.

First, looking at the different hotels it is possible to see where the Dorchester Collection focuses most of its time. The Dorchester is the original hotel purchased by the company (Brunei Investment Agency is the parent company of the hotel chain). This hotel has been the main stay of the hotel chain sin 1986. It is located in London, but it is no longer the only hotel located in the United Kingdom that is managed by the Dorchester Collection and Christopher Cowdray. Coworth Park, located in Ascot was purchased and refurbished in 2008 and then reopened in 2010. Following this, Christopher Cowdray acquired the 45 Park Lane hotel in 2011. This is actually the smallest hotel in the entire collection as it has just 45 rooms, but it is the perfect boutique hotel for those who are looking for it.

Inside the United States, while the Dorchester Collection did originally have a hotel located inside of the city of New York, it now is focused on the West Coast as The Beverly Hills Hotel has been open since 1995 and the Hotel Bel-Air opened up in LA in 2011 (after two years of renovations). The rest of the hotels managed by the chain are in Europe. There are two in France with the Le Meurice and The Plaza Athenee. The Le Richmond in Switzerland is operated by the company and is actually the oldest hotel in Geneva and then there are two in Italy, with the Hotel Principle di Savoi and Hotel Eden.

Beyond just hotels though, Christopher Cowdray managed and overseas several different restaurants and spas. Many of these are located inside of the hotels, although not all of the hotels feature their own restaurants, so it just adds to the intrigue and sophistication of the collection.

BRL Trust Helps You Manage Your Finances

BRL Trust is a large banking firm that allows people to manage cash that comes to them through investments or estates. The company is designed to help people manage these funds when there is no other alternative. Also, the bank offers a large team of employees who are able to provide dedicated services to each customer.

Large Estates

When people inherit large estates or must manage these estates for elderly loved ones, they need to make sure all that money is in a place that they can reach. Also, they need to make sure that that money is doing something for them. This money can earn interest and make even more money in the interim.

Large Investments

The company is able to help you manage the gains from large investments that you make through their brokerage. You can invest your money with them, and your broker can forward you to an investment advisor who will help you to place all that money in an account. You want your money to be safe once you have made, and you will have many people helping you to take care of that money.

Investment Advice

If you have just inherited a large sum of money, you can ask for investment advice from your broker. You may also find an account where you can keep this money, and all these accounts are going to come from BRL Trust. Essentially, BRL Trust allows you to park all your money with them without any confusion. You will be able to invest with confidence, and you will not have to worry about moving your money to many banks. BRL Trust has all the resources you need to manage the estates of your late parents, manage a massive inheritance or to start your own investments for your family.

Sam Tabar, Financial and Legal Advisor

Sam Tabar is both a New York based attorney and a financial guru. He has made a name for himself in both worlds. He has been in the business of consulting on numerous capital topics with an emphasis on legal strategies and investing matters during his prominent and fast paced career. Each professional position he takes is a move up that outdoes his previous self.

He graduated from Oxford University with honors in 2000. In 2001 he graduated from the Columbia Law School. While attending he became an associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review, which is a prestigious source of current financial and legal news.

After graduation he joined the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLP in New York City and became a legal associate. He practiced with that office for three years before becoming the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development for SPARX Group/PMA Investment Advisors. They have offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and New York. He held this position for about six years before becoming the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch corporation over the Hong Kong and New York divisions. Here he specialized in recruiting and managing institutional investors. He grew their data base of clients by over a thousand people.
From here Sam Tabar became a Director at Adanac LLC.

Sam left this job to become a Senior Associate for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, in New York City. At this firm he provided consultation on investment management agreements, fund formation, private placement memoranda, and matters of legal compliance.

On the Sam Tabar website he has his resume posted in a timeline format. He can write and speak fluently in both English and French.

Christian Broda Believes the US Dollar Will Remain Strong. Why?

How much has the United States dollar suffered since the financial meltdown of Wall Street and other financial markets in 2008? Like other strong currencies around the world, it turns out that the U.S. dollar (USD) experienced quite a bit of turmoil during the Great American Recession and the global financial crisis. To Christian Broda, Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management in New York City, the greenback is currently stronger than ever, and this is a testament to the resilience of this important currency.

Speaking to financial news website in February 2014, Christian Broda explained that the USD is looking stronger even as emerging markets are going through their own economic difficulties. Several national economies around the world depend on the USD, and this is something that did not change even as financial markets crumbled and struggled to recover.

Christian Broda has received two grants from the National Science Foundation to conduct economics research. In 2009, Christian Broda co-authored a research paper that correctly posited that inflation levels would remain low in the U.S. even as the national currency lost a little bit of value. Still, he did not think that the USD would surrender its status as the world’s dominating currency. After all, the American dollar is still the currency of choice for many Central Banks to build their reserves with.

These investors may not have made piles of cash on their USD outlook, but they have not experienced any losses. Christian Broda points out that the European and Japan are still struggling with their own versions of Quantitative Easing (QE), and their national currencies are being weakened as such.

The U.S. Federal Reserve, on the other hand, is letting QE policies come to an end, and the greenback is bouncing back across several markets as a result. In the end, Christian Broda believes that investors who are still long on the USD should keep their investments in the greenback and should not worry about major catastrophes.

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