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Meet Paul Mampilly, The Investment Advisor With A Heart For The Common Man

For Paul Mampilly, working for Wall Street was not the epitome of success like most people think. He was helping the super-rich make huge gains on their investments, but this did not fulfill him. He left this job since he wanted to use his skills to help the common people make sound investment plans.Paul Mampilly holds an MBA from Fordham University. His academic background in finance has been instrumental in shaping his career. He started out at Deutsche Bank working as a portfolio assistant manager. He later moved to Royal Bank of Scotland. In both banks, he was controlling multi-million-dollar accounts. He made a mark as a top financial manager and investment advisor.Kinetics International Fund spotted his potential and hired him to manage its hedge fund portfolio. Paul Mampilly grew the business from $6 billion to $25 billion with an annual return of 46%.

Barron recognized the firm as the World’s Best investment fund. Templeton also invited Paul Mampilly to participate in an investment competition to grow $50 million. He won the competition after growing the amount to $88million. This was despite the contest going down during the 2008-2009 economic crash.He has made personal investments that have paid off handsomely. In 2008, he invested in Netflix. He also invested in Serapta Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company producing medication for people with muscular dystrophy. He sold his share later at a 2000% profit.Paul Mampilly left Wall Street because he wanted to advice more common people to generate wealth through sound investments. He founded Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

They are investment research and analysis firms that he uses to keep track of stocks.He also works at Banyan Hill Publication as a senior editor, investment analyst, and advisor. Through the firm, his advice reaches close to 400,000 readers daily. He also makes frequent appearances on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.Paul Mampilly is helping thousands of Americans invest in businesses with high returns. He closely follows particular stocks through a portfolio tracker. He also consults widely with his team of experts before giving any investment tips.In his opinion, the future of the American economy lies in automation and the millenials. In what he calls the internet of things, he believes machines can be interlinked to be more productive than workers can. He also says that firms that millenials prefer have high chances of growing since millenials make up the majority of the American population.He attributes his success to his dedication to a cause. He has had the same routine for fifteen years, waking up early to monitor stocks, research on market trends and offer advice based on his findings.

Paul Mampilly Three Important Investment Options

Paul Mampilly was born in southern India. As a teenager, India suffered a financial crisis due to large government debts the government had accumulated. The government sought private investments including from its citizens, in exchange for the investment, lenders received 18% return annually for the next 30 years.

This experience encouraged Mampilly to become an aggressive investor. He moved to the United States where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from the University of Montclair State University, New Jersey. He then received his MBA from Fordham University Gabelli School of business and studied financial engineering at several universities in New York. He currently lives in Durham, North Carolina where his focus is in researching investment opportunities and writing for several publications, including Profits Unlimited and extreme fortunes.

Statistics indicate that most Americans invest in stock; much more are interested in understanding the stock market but are not sure on how to get started. Stock investment requires a person with a lot of knowledge and experience. Paul Mampilly reached out to give advice governing three investors sectors that are bound to see a great deal of growth over the coming years. Paul featured in the mainstream news where he dispensed advice on the topic.


Paul Mampilly discussed the electric vehicle industry in details. With the times changing one has to keep up, alluding with innovation and development in the mobile phone industry. He views the same growth in the electric vehicle growth. The modern cars come many repairs and maintenances and this comes at a huge cost to the car owners. Electric vehicles have only three parts and eliminate extra costs of repair. Manufacturing companies have a huge share in electric cars as it’s the future. This would be a huge long-term investment.

With precision medicine. He alludes the same with mobile phones. Personalized medical care uses genetic testing in diagnosing and treating patients. Doctors can be able to run genetic information and put it in a database where they can select target treatment for a patient. This treatment will allow a faster diagnosis of a serious problem and choosing a more effective approach. Paul advice people to invest in genetic testing companies.

On food delivery, there has been a serious shift on healthy eating. Healthy eating and convenience don’t often match. However, there are food companies that have tapped into this recently. In the coming years, Paul predicts that this company will benefit a lot since their services include, delivery healthy ingredients to the doorsteps of various homes and thus create healthy meals for families. They take out the guesswork and limit waste production. Paul encourages people to put their money in the sector. Paul is a winner in the Templeton Foundation Investment competition, with his advice investors are sure to receive maximum returns.

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Kevin Seawright Guides Companies Through Strategic Business And Leadership Plans


Kevin Seawright is cheered for his accomplishments in developing successful strategies geared towards the achievement of business goals. He is a financial strategist and administrative operations leader prominently known for his skills in strategic vision implementation.

For more than thirteen years, he has employed his financial skills to better societies located on East Coast. Kevin presents an unusual combination of acumen, team building, the private financial sector as well as public sector inclusion to operate a business. Learn more about  Kevin Seawright:


With his role as the vice president and chief financial officer at Newark Economic Development, he makes the day to day decisions in the company. Throughout his career, he has generated useful strategies meant to build responsive accounting and finance divisions through payables, receivables and the development of payrolls.

The result is a package that delivers the set objectives through aligning technological initiatives with the current organizations. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO


Kevin’s roles in the financial sector extend to his services in revenue planning. He has generated processes that work efficiently for general and sub-contractors in mid-Atlanta.

His career accomplishments include revenue enhancement that has majorly contributed in the forecasting of yearly returns by approximately 25%. Additionally, he has solidified the department of human capital divisions by improving work conditions and staff retention.

He has also enhanced staffing efforts, collective bargaining, adjustments, management restructuring, and compensation. The listed processes have massively improved standardization as well as service delivery. Kevin’s expertise includes more than thirty years experience in the department of executive finance, human resource management as well as capital management. He has handled investment deals of over $400 million in the form of cities, states and federal and private funds.


Kevin Seawright has managed to assemble a good reputation through building healthy working relationships. As a leader at the distribution level, he has an aptitude for establishing a good rapport with colleagues. He has professionally interacted with managers, client team leaders, as well as constituents.

He has successfully employed the elements as a leading strategy to success in his career goals. Following his proven track record of achievement in business, Kevin Seawright has been recognized severally through awards.

Kevin Seawright owns an MBA and is currently a student at the Notre Dame Mendoza, a school of business. He majors in executive leadership.