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Dov Rand, the fifty-year-old health, and fitness expert

There a number of individuals with aging issues that require services like those provided by Dr. Jonathan Dov Rand who runs a Medical Center in West Orange. Dr. Jonathan Rand is an integrated medicine specialist who graduated from Albert Einstein Medical Center based in NY and currently runs a bio-identical hormone replacement practice.

Dr. Rand has dedicated his career to carrying out wellness programs, the likes of therapy, using IV nutrients and other ways to reduce weight and reverse the effects of aging. Rand tailors specific programs for individual clients to help each one of them achieve their ideal weight and condition while keeping in mind the difference between each clientele that he works with.

The Healthy Medical Centre comes up with treatments for menopausal symptoms like depression, hot flashes, and apprehension among others. This is part of the anti-aging program that dwells on the hormones that cause such symptoms in the body. In Addition, through the study of Nutrition, Dr. Jonathan Rand has been able to come up with a diet that is meant to help prevent the degeneration of muscles and deterioration in individuals while also assisting in weight loss as it contains a hormone produced by pregnant women in the placenta for the nourishment of the embryo. The diet is named EHG. Through this diet, Rand seeks to show people that weight loss does not have to be accompanied by starvation. The EHG program has recorded a lot of success since its establishment.

Dr. Dov Rand also runs a program on bio-identical hormone replacement. He recognizes that the decrease in hormone production in the body is the cause of most symptoms of aging. To revert the effects of aging, Rand has developed a program for designing an individual’s bio-identical hormone and substituting them in the body since the body cannot secrete as many hormones as before. These hormones are designed to be precisely what the individual produced in their youth. He has recently authored a book titled “It’s Okay to Live Past 100,” in which he explains his work in depth.