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Flash Gordan: TV Chef Gordan Ramsay Dodges Speed Cameras

In the earliest hours on the motorways of Los Angeles, CA, you might just catch a feint glimpse of celebrity chef, Gordan Ramsey zipping by in his Ferrari convertible. Gordan Ramsay admitted to racing at high speeds in the wee hours in SoCal and unabashedly revealed that he does something else a little illegal, he wraps his license plates with plastic cling wrap. The Kitchen Nightmares star swears that by doing this, it makes it a little harder for the police to identify him. He went on to explain that it will conceal his plate’s numbers by reflecting the flash from the speed camera.

Gordan Ramsay jokingly declares that you should get rolls of ‘cling film’ when you own your own Ferrari and wrap the front plate so you won’t get caught speeding. He happens to own a collection of eight gorgeous Ferrari vehicles in his garage back home in the United Kingdom. The particular one he loves to speed in Los Angeles is the Ferrari California T model that can reach speeds up to 196 miles per hour and accelerate from zero to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. Maybe he’s correct that the license plates won’t photograph when shrouded with plastic cling wrap. One thing we do know for sure is, chef Ramsay is just plain lucky he never got caught.