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Share Your Wit and Wisdom on Wikipedia

There’s one at every party. You know, that guy that knows everything. He’s got opinions and facts coming out of his ears, but everybody knows that he’s full of crap. He used to be easy to spot, but not anymore. With virtually every fact instantly verifiable at the touch of a screen, it’s not as impressive to be “knowledgeable” about every single topic. You can’t bluff your point when someone can prove you wrong almost before the words have even left your mouth. Today’s technology makes it possible for everyone to be a know-it-all.

What to do with all of that knowledge.
At least these Wikipedia writers still have an outlet. With information gathering sites like Wikipedia, there is always somewhere to share the abundance of facts and information that many of us carry, but don’t have the courage or personality to share in a group setting. You can create a page, or edit an existing entry. There are no tests to take, or memberships to pay for. You just share what you know, and if your information isn’t accurate, someone else will edit it.

Simple steps.
Sound intimidating? It’s not. There are just a few guidelines that must be adhered to. The entire process is outlined on the Wikipedia website, but I’ll give you the basics right here:
Register. All you need is a user name and password.
Search. Make sure the topic isn’t already covered by someone else.
Practice. You can use your page to create an entry without submitting it until you are ready.
Gather references. This is the part that is actually work. Although your opinions may be correct, you need to back them up.
Request feedback. This is another “suggested” rule. You can ask for feedback from other authors before you submit your work.
Submit. Once your article is ready, preview and save.

Still Scared?
If you’re still a little nervous, you can always get someone else to do the hard part. Get Your Wiki, is a website dedicated to helping people get their information uploaded. From start to finish, they can help you with some or all of the “hoops” that must be jumped through to become published.

I’m still not sure that having a whole room full of know-it-alls makes a better party. But, at least you can get your two-cents worth in. Even if it means waiting until you get home to fire up your computer.

Precautions To Take With Intellectual Property

There’s a reason why Frans Shoeman and his legal team are successful. They’ve been a part of multi million dollar settlements that left the plaintiff. Their team is behind settlements where people feel that they have been wrongfully handled and their intellectual property has been violated. The law firm that Frans Shoeman runs is out of Bellville, which is a town in South Africa. He is directing Phatsima Diamond through a successful year of assisting other people with their claims. They have met some outraged people and have helped many of these people leave as happy clients.

Intellectual property theft is a serious offense. Any artist, writer or musician knows that their most valuable assets are their own creations. This is why so many of these people must deal with agents, managers and entertainment attorneys. Their work is their most valuable resource. Whether it has been produced or is just sitting on the shelf, the artist, writer, musician or other creative person must guard their work. This is why so many of these people use non disclosure agreements and make sure to keep their work secret until it is ready to see the light of day.

These creative people only send their work to individuals who they trust. They often have them sign non disclosure agreements. When they are using their scripts for casting purposes or to show to agents they almost always will put their name over every part of the script, album or artwork to remain in control of the piece of work.

Every creative person will have a different way of copyrighting their work and protecting their intellectual property from misuse and violation. Writers have their own union which is called the Writer’s Guild. If the writer lives in America, then they would refer to the Writers Guild of America. There are other organizations for other countries. Having their work copyrighted by the Writers Guild of America secures their work with legal documentation. It is also possible to get a copyright for an idea or patent from the United States Patent Office. Other countries have similar offices dedicated to patenting ideas and works. Having these patents and copyrights in place make it easy for lawyers such as Frans Shoeman on scribd to make wins in the favor of protecting intellectual property.

There is a reason why many people copyright their work. It makes it more secure and safe from theft. Even if it isn’t copyrighted it is still possible to win a case if someone steals an idea or patent. There is an easy way to copyright things called A Poor Man’s Copyright. This method is not as secure, but it has helped people win cases in the past. This method involves sending two sealed envelopes containing the copyrighted work to yourself in the mail. One of these envelopes is for you, the other is for a judge.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Back Pain

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, up to eighty percent of the U.S. population suffers from low back pain, and it is the second most common reason why adults go see a doctor. Low back pain in the leading cause of disability for adults under the age of 45 making 4.8 million of them chronically or temporarily disabled each year. Most back pain can be prevented by maintaining strong back and abdominal muscles and using proper mechanics when lifting heavy objects, yet 13 million adults will still need to see a doctor each year for back related problems. Doctors will try conservative treatments for back problems first such as steroid injections and physical therapy but if these do not work, then surgery may be needed. In most cases, back surgery is an elective procedure, not mandatory, but it is still important for a person to find a good spine surgeon to work with.

There are many spinal surgery centers across America that a person could go to and some are very well known like the Laser Spine Institute, the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. North American Spine in Dallas, Texas is another spinal surgery center that was established in 2009. North American Spine physicians are trained in minimally invasive orthopedic spine surgery, neurosurgery and interventional pain management. They exclusively use the AccuraScope procedure to treat neck and spine issues such as herniated or bulging disc, degenerative disc, pinched nerve, sciatica and spinal stenosis. They have performed more than 8,000 AccuraScope procedures with an 82 percent success rate while helping patients save over $23,000 over a five year period after their surgery due to a reduced need for medication and visits to the doctor.

Doctors at North American Spine have been using the AccuraScope procedure for six years. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a laser to fix chronic back issues. The procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete, and the patient can leave the treatment center the same day and be back at work in about a week. There is minimal risk of damage to the bones and muscles around the spine, and patients tend to have less pain after the procedure. AccuraScope may be better than other types of minimally invasive spinal surgery procedures because the laser only targets the damaged area of the spine while leaving virtually no tissue damage or scarring.

People traveled from all over the world to have their back problems treated at North American Spine. Spinal surgery is their specialty, and by using the latest technology they are able to provide one the best treatments for their patients. If people are looking to have their back problems treated, they should see if the AccuraScope procedure at North American Spine is right for them.

Kenneth Griffin and Citadel

Ken Griffin is the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC. Citadel is a hedge fund that has been in existence for over 20 years. Roughly 26 billion dollars in assets are under the Citadel umbrella.

Life and Career

Griffin is from Daytona Beach, Florida and was born in 1968. He attended Harvard University where he started a hedge fund in his second year of school from his dorm room. To keep up with the market in real time, he had a satellite link to the room installed. The inspiration for his hedge fund was a book he read on investing in his freshman year, and he financed it through small investments from family and friends.

Griffin attracted good attention when his investments survived the stock market crash of 1987, and he was soon running a second hedge fund. After he graduated with a degree in economics, a major investor provided him with one million dollars for his hedge fund. Griffin returned an astounding 70% on the investment.

Citadel was founded in 1990 and by 1998 had one billion in assets. Griffin became one of the wealthiest self-made men in America, and today he has an estimated net worth of around six billion. Citadel consistently receives high marks for being a good place to work.

Griffin lives in Chicago and has three children. He attends the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago located on Michigan Avenue. He has made substantial financial contributions to this church.


Griffin is a well-known philanthropist. He lives in Chicago and has donated millions of dollars to local causes. He has also made considerable contributions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Griffin gave a 150 million dollar gift to Harvard. This is one of the largest single gifts to the university in its history.

Politics and Financial Views

Griffin has given money to a number of Republican candidates. He describes himself as a “Reagan Republican” and recently supported Bruce Rauner’s successful campaign for governor of Illinois.

Griffin spoke out against reckless financial speculation on Wall Street after the 2008 financial meltdown. He is in favor of regulatory action that would help prevent such an calamity from happening again.

Art Collection

Griffin has devoted a great deal of time to acquiring a world-class art collection. He owns valuable paintings by Paul Cezanne and Jasper Johns. In addition to collecting art for himself, Griffin has also made substantial contributions to the Art Institute of Chicago.

A Short History of the Nestle Purina Petcare Company

In 1894, William Danforth founded a company dedicated to the nutritional health of pets and farm animals. Danforth’s core belief was that healthy farm animals lived longer and were more productive. With his partners, George Robinson and William Andrews, Danforth co-founded the Robinson, Danforth Commission Company. That company would change its name in 1902 to the Ralston Purina Company and would become known worldwide and recognized through Purina news as an undisputed leader in animal nutritional research and manufacturing.

The company branched out from feeding farm animals in the early 1920’s to include Purina Dog Chow which accompanied Admiral Richard Byrd on his Antarctic expedition as the food for the sled dogs. In 1956, Purina was the first company to develop the technology to produce the dry pet foods now widely known as kibble, and updated the manufacturing process in 1986 to allow real meats to be the number one ingredient in the newly introduced Purina Pro Plan dog food.

In that same year, Purina sold off its farm animal feeds division so it could focus on the growing pet market. Following its long-standing tradition of charity, in 1987, Purina consolidated its support for pet welfare under the umbrella organization named Pets for People. That organization donates tons of pet food, supplies, and cash to some 6,000 pet centered welfare organizations in the United States. The company also launched a Pets for Seniors program that recognizes the
positive impact pets have on senior citizens and allows seniors to adopt animal companions at a reduced costs from over 150 shelters across the country.

Research and development is another long-standing mission of the company, and a recent addition to the company’s fifty acre St. Louis, Missouri campus is a new four- story research lab. Purina established the only program to help researchers map the canine genome in 1999. In 2004, Purina was the first pet food company to use molecular level nutrition to provide a therapeutic diet aimed at helping dogs with arthritis.

In December 2001, the company was acquired by the Nestlé Company, a Swiss multi-national food company for US$10.3 billion. By combining Purina with the already owned Friskies Petcare Company, the resulting company, Nestlé Purina Petcare became the largest manufacturer of pet food in the Untied States, and second globally behind Mars by a scant .4% market share.

Currently, the company is the second most profitable division for Nestlé and contributes $11.2 billion in revenue. Still headquartered in St. Louis, the company operates a number of US manufacturing facilities, many of which have been cited as examples of best sustainability practices by incorporating solar energy, recycling technologies, and packaging reductions.

Purina’s 6,500 employees are encouraged to bring their pets to work with them and participate in a number of volunteer opportunities. The company is often included in various organizations’ lists of the best places to work.

Paul Evans is a rising men’s fashion company based in New York. Paul Evans’ focus is comfortable, quality shoes,

Leading the way in the Men’s Fashion Renaissance
for a reasonable price. The company was founded by Evan Fript and Ben Earley. Evan and Ben were roommates at Tulane University in Louisiana. After graduation they both went into finance. It was while in the finance world, surrounded by power suits, that Evan Fript noticed how much men’s footwear lacked style. He was tired of looking for classically stylish shoes that did not cost thousands of dollars. From there Paul Evans was created. Evan recruited Ben Earley as a business partner, and they went to work.

Paul Evans shoes are stylish, comfortable, and high quality. However, a pair of Paul Evans’ will not set you back a couple grand. This is because Evan Fript and Ben Early wanted to create shoe lines with designer quality, but not the price. They accomplished this in a couple ways. The first was to cut out the middle man. Paul Evans italian shoes can only be purchased online through the company’s retail website. Your order is then sent directly to you. Your price does not include rent for the retail space, or the electricity bill. This enabled Paul Evans to lower prices without sacrificing quality.

The other way Evan Fript and Ben Early accomplish their goal of high quality shoes without designer prices was by setting out to meet with craftsmen themselves. They collaborated with manufacturers and factories in six different countries. The found the factory of their choice in Naples, Italy. They met with men of families that have been in the cobbling industry for generations. They selected the finest calfskin Italian leather they could find, and spent a tremendous amount of time negotiating prices and deals.

The Solution for Financial Planning is an Investment Portfolio with Diversity of Options

Financial planning requires implementing a budget for a household or business and the commitment to follow that budget as a roadmap to save for the future. People and entities prefer to save monies in saving accounts and/or investing in the global markets. Investment options include stocks, commodities, bonds, real estate, and currencies. Investors over the world are building strategic investment portfolios by including a diversity of options. Guru investors are aware of the importance of diverse investment options to help minimize risks involved in the trading market. Interested investors must first become knowledgeable of the different options and learn different investment strategies.

Individuals invest for various reasons, including retirement, to purchase a home or automobile, vacation, college education, and other reasons. Entities invest for expansion, financial growth, and to create jobs within a community. International investing is attracting investors in countries like the United States, Brazil, and China. It is very important to seek council and advice of a professional and knowledgeable investor with years of experience in banking and investments. Foreign investments involve rules and regulations in different countries and without that knowledge, can subject an investor to higher risks.

Investors normally select two or more investment options rather than one because the exchange rate fluctuates in foreign stocks. A financial advisor may advise an investor, for an example, to invest in stocks, real estate, and mutual funds to build a diverse investment portfolio. By investing in multiple options, the investor is minimizing risks of losing the capital originally invested. The purpose of investing is to experience an increase in capital investments and see it grow over time. Some countries have trading laws to protect investors from loses of an entire investment.

Igor Cornelsen is an expert investment consultant, investor, and Proprietario for Bainbridge Inv. Inc. in the Bahamas. The role of Cornelsen at Bainbridge is to work with the group to invest in the markets of commodity and FOREX. As a retired Brazilian banker, he knows all about investments and the markets in his homeland and offers considerable advice and insight to potential investors. He believes that the best way to enter the market in Brazil is to network and build a relationship with Brazilian entrepreneurs. Non-residence Brazilian investors should learn about Brazil and other countries investment trading regulations and conduct investing transactions by finding a bank to handle currency.

Grandma Gets Life In Prison

Back in 2012 a grandmother was arrested and accused of literally running her granddaughter to death. She was recently convicted and now sentenced to life in person. The Alabama jury reviewing her case convicted Joyce Garrard of capital murder. Her granddaughter, Savannah Hardin was only 9-years-old.

Garrard, 49, was attempting to punish her granddaughter because she lied about eating candy on the school bus. As punishment for lying, Garrard forced the little girl to run for more than three hours. Neighbors who were witness to Savannah’s punishment saw the girl running laps and Garrard outside screaming at her to continue running throughout the afternoon. Eventually, the app users reported the little girl collapsed and later died at a Birmingham area hospital.

According to a statement made by Garrard at the hearing, she stated that she never forced the girl to run. However the autopsy results indicated that Savannah died from “extreme physical exertion.” The report also indicated that Savannah was extremely dehydrated and had very low sodium levels, attributing to her death. The jury took this into consideration as they were trying to determine between life without parole and the death penalty.

In addition to Garrard, the girl’s stepmother, 27-year-old Jessica Mae Hardin is also facing charges related to her death. Prosecutors were attempting to charge Hardin with murder since she was present but did nothing to stop Garrard. Hardin is still awaiting trial for her role in Savannah’s passing.

Holocaust Survivor Tells of her Meeting with a Former Nazi

Eva Mozes Kor is a strong woman. Even at 81-years-old, there is not much that Eva backs away from. In her earlier years, Eva is a holocaust survivor who was sent to Auschwitz with her immediate family. Eva and her twin sister Miriam were the only members of their family to make it out of Auschwitz alive.

Cornelsen said that recently, Eva had a chance to meet a former Nazi who had worked at Auschwitz face-to-face for the first time. Oskar Groening, who is known as the “Accountant of Auschwitz”, is standing trial for his role in the concentration camp. Oskar, who is now 93-years-old, was a bookkeeper at Auschwitz and is standing trial in Germany as an accessory to murder of 300,000 people.

Eva traveled from the United States to Germany to meet Oskar during his trial. She said that the first time she faced him, he fainted. The second time she faced him, she had some powerful words for him. She asked him to appeal to old Nazis to come forward and help put an end to the country’s growing neo-Nazis problem today. The old man kissed Eva’s cheek after her request to him.

Eva is the face of true forgiveness, and wants Oskar’s story to stand as a message for the younger generations.

The full story about Eva meeting Oskar is well worth the read. Check it out on

Cousin lends a Helping Hand to Pregnant, Homeless Teen

In a move that extended family can be great, a 23-year-old university student in Australia, has taken in his 16-year-old cousin so she can keep the child she is currently carrying.

The student, Tommy Connoly, had recently reconnected with his cousin, who has not been named, on Facebook after a decade apart. What he found out was startling. The teenager was not only pregnant, but she was also homeless. The reconnection happened in December when the 16-year-old was nearing the final stages of her pregnancy.

Connoly sprang into action and picked up the teen from the gold coast where she had been couch surfing and living on the streets. He brought her to his apartment, where AnastasiaDate said he helped her through the final stages of her pregnancy, and is now helping to raise the child.

Connoly said his teen cousin had been troubled in her younger years, and hasn’t had any schooling passed grade 6. She was drug-free before she fell pregnant, but the father of her child is now in prison. Connoly anticipates helping his cousin until she no longer needs it. He has returned to university full-time to avoid delaying his studies, but has footed the bill for the child’s needs through a job he holds while attending classes.