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Obamas Get $60 Million For Their Upcoming Books

Former president Barack Obama and former first-lady Michelle Obama have been having a grand old time on vacation. Pictures have surfaced of the pair enjoying warm and beautiful weather. It doesn’t appear as though either one misses the rigor that was brought on by the daily presidency.


However, that doesn’t mean the two are taking it easy. Instead, the Obamas have reportedly just signed a $60 million book deal with Penguin Random House. How’s that for taking it easy?


Once Barack’s presidency reached its conclusion, everyone expected a book deal was in the works. Estimates put the value at around $30 million. According to Entertainment Weekly, for comparison’s sake, Bill Clinton received a $15 million book deal after he was president. The fact that the Obamas’ deal reached $60 million speaks to the bidding war that may have transpired between the largest publishing companies, the incredible desire for the Obamas’ works, and that multiple books should be pending.


Each Obama is already an author, with Barack releasing two books previously and Michelle one. It would seem that there are at least two more in the works with this deal, though possible topics remain unknown. Previously, Barack wrote about his early life, as well as race and the American dream. Meanwhile, Michelle has written about healthy eating and childhood obesity. Each could continue on those respective subjects or write about something completely different. They are both incredibly intelligent and thoughtful individuals. No matter what topics are covered, there will be a desire for these tomes.


Reportedly, a number of the books and proceeds will be donated to charities through Penguin Random House as well as The Obama Foundation.