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Sahm Adrangi: The Financialist To Watch Out For

Sahm Adrangi has led a brilliant career in the field of finance and continues to do so with the company that he founded, which goes by the name of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Kerrisdale was founded by Adrangi after he spent a few years working for other financial companies. With Kerrisdale Capital Management, Adrangi has been gaining a growing amount of popularity among financial costs circles and in the industry. Today, Kerrisdale Capital Management handles investments that go into the millions, and are all supervised and carried out by Adrangi himself.

One of the first endeavors that Adrangi took on in the field of finance was working for company known as Chanin Capital Partners, where he worked with clients who were on the brink of bankruptcy to help bring them back on their feet. He had to think innovatively in the field, and went on to learn extremely valuable things about the field. His fluency with financials showed in the work that he did, which helped him in his rise up the corporate ladders.

Another company that Adrangi worked for in his initial years was Longacre. Adrangi served as an analyst at the firm and brought in a good amount of clients to supplement the profits that the company saw. He was a notable member of the financial firm and was another stepping stone towards one day being his boss and taking on the financial industry.

Today, Adrangi can safely say that he is at the top of his game, and is one of the more notable players in the field. He is known for his out of the box investment strategies that he likes implementing. He analyses financials in a way that no one else does and finds a way to seek the best opportunities for him and Kerrisdale Capital Management. Having had such an expansive career in a variety of financial facets and having worked with so many different types of clients has indeed helped Adrangi rise to be the leader that he is today. With his efforts and dedication to the company, Kerrisdale is soon on its way to becoming one of the more well known financial and investment firms in the country.

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George Soros Offers Humanitarian Support Through Open Societies

The life of George Soros is nothing short of inspiration. His resilience towards success is unimaginably impressive. Soros came from a humble background. Born in Hungary, he was part of the group that experienced inhuman treatment while growing. Soros was on the wrong side of power as a child. His family suffered but his father rescued them by presenting falsified documents. Soros was not lucky as a child. His family had to go into hiding by pretending to be related to the minister of agriculture. As a teenager, Soros worked with his father to falsify their identity and survive the crisis. Fearing for his life, Soros decided to choose a way out. They were going to be deported to death camps. He had to leave his native land when the Nazi Regime attacked them. At that juncture, he resolved to settle in London. Being visionary, he invested in education and read full article.

Profile of Education

Soros joined the London School of Economics to pursue finance. He loved Karl Popper’s works. Being a philosopher, Popper was into saving humanity. Soros was influenced by his need to offer humanity a better society. Through his works, he was dedicated to change the world. He attained his bachelor’s and master’s degree in philosophy. By attaining strong academic credentials, he was better positioned to deliver in the career world. Soros delved into the search for careers. He worked at merchant banks for some time before moving to America. He had grasped some experience in finance. When he arrived in America, he invested in a hedge fund. Double Eagle was born in 1969. That was from the first hedge fund he established. His profits were huge enough to earn him public recognition.

Hedge Fund

In 1970, Soros founded the second hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. As the business grew, Double Eagle changed its name to Quantum Fund. Soros was the head cheerleader. He controlled the operations of the organization. Under the account was $12 million in assets to manage. As at 2011, the funds totaled to $25 million. In England, he had invested to the point of being called the individual that broke the bank. His investments picked up at an alarming rate  and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Open Society

Soros believed in reflexivity, a theory he borrowed from Karl Popper. The concept reflected self-awareness, a value that should be adopted in any given environment. To him, the concept was valid in creating market valuation in life’s scenarios. It covered the actions of individuals that participated in markets. Soros built the Open Society Foundations from this concept. He has massively contributed to the development of this organization. Over the years, Open Society has focused on key societal issues that affect the afflicted. Through the human rights foundations and other charity organizations, Open Society Foundations has initiated humanitarian projects and Follow him at

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