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Nepal GoFundMe Sponsored by Real Estate Investor Majeed Ekbal

In April and May of 2015 Nepal had two earthquakes both with a magnitude above 7.0. These earthquakes devastated Nepal and killed over 8000 people and injured 21000 more. Real estate investor and entrepreneur, Majeed Ekbal, has taken on the lofty task of raising money for those forgotten in Nepal. Ekbal has friends that live in Nepal making this a cause close to his heart. His GoFundMe campaign seeks to raise $10,000 in an effort to add to his overall Crowdrise campaign goal of $1 million. All money raised will go towards the efforts to aid those in Nepal who have been effected by the devastating earthquakes.

Majeed Ekbal is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development. His expertise includes e-commerce development and implementation, brand awareness, relationship management and SEO analytics. He also has experience in digital and social media marketing planning and application. He further has experience in Healthcare and experiential marketing. He currently works as a Humanitarian helping save women and children from abuse all over the world.

Ekbal is a Chicago native who is well known as a leader in his community. A graduate from
American University, Ekbal has been passionate about serving his community and communities around the world from early on. He was the president of the Expresso Inc. in 1991 in an effort to help customers get groceries just by using the internet. Not only was it innovative, in its time, Expresso Inc. stayed competitive by having low prices and offering specialty services. The company went as far as ordering productions via Federal Express in order to get customers’ products that were not local. In addition to getting customers the products they wanted, Expresso also would meet customers where ever was convenient for them. Expresso Inc. is where Ekbal began developing and refining his business skills. His company also allowed him to have more compassion for others.