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George W. Bush a Bit Smitten with Michelle O

In recent years, the friendship between former POTUS George W. Bush and FLOTUS Michelle Obama seems to have solidified. Although one could hardly conjure up stranger bedfellows than these two, it has become obvious that they have a great deal of affection for one another. Several people have speculated that perhaps this is because there are very few people on the planet who can possibly understand the pressures of being the president—and the unique situations imposed upon a president’s family.


Of course, when Barack Obama first entered the White House, George W. Bush was the frequent target of his complaints. Often pointing out that it was the policies of the Bush administration that caused the recession and other unpleasant circumstances, Obama quickly made it known that he was no fan of the former president. This stance, however, appears to have softened up a great deal over the years. The two families now appear to be extremely close, with the Bush twins dispensing advice to the Obama girls over the years.


It was at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture when onlookers first noticed how Bush seemed to light up when Michelle Obama embraced him. Also, a few months prior to that, a video of Bush clutching Obama’s hand during a police memorial went viral as well. Bush has said that he believes Mrs. Obama is a fan of his unique sense of humor, which he appreciates. The two have also been seated together for Nancy Reagan’s funeral and for the 50th anniversary of the civil rights marches. In a world that has become increasingly divided, it is heartwarming to see a beautiful example of a friendship that crosses political boundaries.