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Giovanni Ribisi Describes His Acting Career

Giovanni Ribisi is an American actor with a very Italian sounding name. At 43 years old, he is already making quite a name for himself. You recognize him as playing the role of a con man, Marius Josipovic in the Amazon series called Sneaky Pete. We won’t give away any spoilers on Sneaky Pete, but his part here is that of a master deceiver who has a very nimble pair of hands that he uses to steal. Ribisi has also been featured in films such as Saving Private Ryan, Avatar, Ted and Gone in 60 seconds.

The 5’7 actor says that he spends most of him traveling between Los Angeles where he resides and New York City. Much of Sneaky Pete is filmed in Brooklyn and Upstate New York, so Giovanni Ribisi has to constantly be there. In an interview with the NY Times Ribisi revealed that he is also working on four sequels to the box office hit film called Avatar. He let movie buffs and fans with a little hint as to what his role would be. He said he would play a corporate villain named Parker Selfridge.

Ribisi also revealed in his interview with the Times that he dreamed of being an actor ever since he could remember. He also said that one of his first and all-time favorite films was the original star wars movie. Watching Star Wars was also one of the first memories he has of his father. The actor also gave some insight on how he managed to get the role of Josipovic just right in Sneaky Pete. He says he read a book about conning titled “The Confidence Game.