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Glenn Beck Has Media Advice for Donald Trump

Glenn Beck is one of a number of people speculating on the possibility of Donald Trump launching his own channel or network after November, providing his Presidential run is unsuccessful.

Beck says he could have Roger Ailes, recently fired by Fox News, and Steve Gannon, CEO of alt-right website Breitbart run it. Both are now in charge of his campaign. He adds that starting a cable channel is a gamble and expensive. Doing the show online would be cheaper and not would not involve sponsors, who may be gunshy due to Trump’s campaign statements.

Imagining that he is giving advice to Trump, he said, “…if you want to make an impact, Don, you’re going to have maybe, I don’t know, 5 to 10 million people – maybe – and with those people, you can start your own kind of alt-right, rebel party, and come back in the 2020 election or even the mid-terms as a credible source for telling the truth for these people who believed you in 2016.” He added that the Trump name would be the attraction.

However, he was skeptical about the success of the idea and added, “Make sure that it is clearly understood my disdain for the entire vision, but I do believe it is a very big possibility.”

Beck has his own network, GBTV, with 300,000 subscribers and anticipates a $40 million income at year’s end.