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Make it a Fun Night With Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is probably one of the best chick flicks available to own at the moment. For guys, this is a movie that will need to be sucked up and enjoyed for the expense of your girlfriend or wife or lover. This movie however is not all chick flick as there are many parts of the movie that bring comedy to light and makes the movie well worth watching. Here is a basic run down of the Magic Mike XXL movie.

The movie begins with Channing Tatum sitting on the beach looking out at the sea. He casually gets up and the camera pans out. We pickup with him and his one workshop helper talking about they need more space for his business. Then, Magic Mike will get a call that has him speechless for the moment.

Mike has been delivered news that will leave him wondering about what his life is about. He returns to his woodshop after meeting with a couple of the guys when the song on the radio changes to Pony. He stops instantly to reveal what he is thinking. He cant believe that this is happening to him at this exact moment in his life. When everything has fallen apart and he has no idea what he is going to do.

The next morning, the guys are on the food truck talking about leaving when an old familiar voice asks if there is room for one more. The movie wouldn’t be the same without Mike joining the crew. Mike gets on the food truck and they head out. A couple of the guys cant believe that he is here however he is not fully here because he is always on his phone. The funny part comes to play when his phone is tossed out the window and he picks up a phone he believes to be Richie’s and throws it out the window as well only to learn it wasn’t even his phone.

The guys must face their inner demons as they make their way up to Myrtle Beach and fight to work their way into the stripper convention.

Crystal Hunt will play a role where the guys stop along the way to Myrtle Beach to visit a new friend. She will be one of the older girls hanging out, enjoying some wine with friends late at night. You would know her by her role that she played in Guilding Light as well as One Life to Live. More currently she has been in Queens of Drama, and you can follow her on Twitter here.