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WEN Cleansing Conditioner Adds Beautiful Bounce and Shine to Blogger’s Hair

If you haven’t heard of the Wen system already, then maybe you just don’t get around much, but that’s alright. It’s never to late to try WEN cleansing conditioner for strong, healthy, shiny hair. One beauty blogger had never tried the no-shampoo method, either, and she was curious to begin. Visit, for the results!
Emily McClure of was struggling with her signature fine, limp hair and looking for major beauty help. She turned to the WEN system which uses natural botanicals to heal damaged hair and return its gloss and bounce.

Chaz Dean is the celebrity L.A. stylist who created the WEN system, because he saw that regular shampoos were damaging hair with their abundance of harsh detergents. WEN contains nothing of the sort, and Emily decided to try a 7-day hair challenge using WEN.

Emily McClure admitted up front that she prefers nighttime showers, but to give WEN a proper demonstration, she adopted a daily AM WEN wash in the shower. She kept a hair diary and posted selfies on facebook to show people how her hair was reacting.

When Emily got her hair into the WEN routine, her hair responded nicely with shine and softness. Even her girlfriends noticed Emily’s hair was looking especially pretty and healthy.

It’s too bad that Emily couldn’t maintain the daily morning WEN washes, because her hair would go limp and get greasy if she upset the routine. For instance, Emily decided to use WEN at night one time, and when she got out of bed next morning, her hair was already flat and dull. Another time, Emily was stuck with a busy schedule, so she skipped the morning WEN wash, and her hair went nowhere but down.

If you’re looking for best results with WEN, then Emily advises always washing and styling the hair each morning.

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